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Follow These 5 Tips To Get Your Car Monsoon Ready


The monsoons are just around the corner. You would have already taken your umbrellas out of storage, and purchased new raincoats, maybe even footwear suitable for the season. Your car also needs to be prepared for the rains.



Wet roads offer much less traction, and therefore it becomes important that your tyres have a good amount of tread. Most tyres today provide a small rubber bar between the grooves as an indicator for tread-wear. If the bar is close to vanishing, it is time to replace the tyres.


Wiring And Battery

Water and electronics are not the best of friends. As the rains come close, make sure that all the exposed wiring is properly insulated. Peeling insulation can cause a short-circuit when exposed to water. It is a safety hazard for all around you. Also, make sure that the car battery is working properly as it would be used much more in the rains.



Brakes need to be working properly, regardless of the weather. Worn out brakes generally result in longer braking distances and can potentially lead to an accident. Make sure to get your car's braking system inspected by a professional before the rains start. Get any worn out components replaced. This is especially important in the monsoons as the wet conditions already make the braking distances longer.


Wipers And Washers

Inspect the wipers to ensure that the blades do not leave any smudges on the windscreen. If they do, it may be time to replace them. The infrequent use and the heat in summers can cause the rubber to crack, reducing the wiper’s efficiency.  Also, keep an eye on the washer reservoir level and top it with soap water or windshield washer fluid if it runs low.


Paint And Bodywork

Exposed metal is prone to rust. Make sure you get any such areas repaired before the downpour starts. Also, make sure that the underside of your car is kept clear of road grime and dirt. Get a coat of polish done before the rainy season kicks in.

It is a good idea to send your car for a pre-monsoon service. This will take care of not just the points mentioned above, but also of any other issues that may come to nag you in the rains. Equally important is to ensure that your car insurance policy is renewed and in place. Consider getting an add-on cover against water damage to the engine.

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