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Five advantages of sharing customer details with your insurance provider


A lot of people think that sharing information directly with the insurance company will lead to their data getting leaked. In fact, as per an Information Commission Office (ICO) Annual Track survey data, nearly 85 % people believe that the details they give to insurance companies will be passed on to other organisations. This also aligns with Altimeter’s result highlighting that 78 % think that their personal information is sold.


However, this is not the case. As per the data privacy law of the IT act, companies cannot share contact details with anyone outside the organisation. Even mailers that are sent to the customers have the dictate from TRAI that they should compulsorily include the unsubscribe button to avoid any spam. In fact, insurance companies like Bharti AXA believe that customer data is amongst their most personal and valuable possessions. At Bharti AXA, all personal customer information is secured using information security software to ensure privacy and avoid any data leakage.


Sharing personal data will in turn help the customer. Insurance companies don’t just ask for any random data. It’s mainly information that is typically used for providing more personalised products and prices and crafting customer-specific offers that can benefit you as an individual customer.


What do customers get when they share details with insurance companies?

Here’s taking a look at five benefits that a customer can get only if their contact details are with the insurance provider:

  • You are promptly contacted in case there is a need to convey any urgent information that can affect your policy.
  • You can expect a quicker and hassle-free policy renewal as there are no layers in communication to delay the process.



  • You will get all updates on claim process, policy insurance, changes and updates in the policy etc. on a regular basis.
  • You will be amongst the first ones to get information about new offers, etc.
  • You can keep a tab on your policy by directly checking your status and other information online. In the absence of your details with the company, only your agent has access to your online dashboard. 


In case of any correction, please immediately contact your insurer and ensure the changes are reflected on your policy document through an endorsement. For changes on your Bharti AXA General Insurance policy please reach out to our Toll free no. 1800-103-2292.

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