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Find Out If Your Health Insurance Policy Assists Pregnancy



“There is no greater heaven than the heart of a loving mother, She takes care of you when you are still in her womb.” - Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom

Motherhood is the most crucial and fulfilling experience of a woman’s life. Bringing a new life into the world is beautiful yet a difficult journey. It makes way for a lot more responsibilities of becoming a parent. To not steal the thunder of these precious moments by the financial burden, health insurance with maternity benefit is a must.Huge cost of medical assistance mandates the cover for any maternal complication or financial issue.

The benefits provided by maternity add ons are as follows-


Coverage Benefits

As a pregnant woman, you require extra care and attention. You have to go through many prenatal tests, medical procedures and may require hospitalization. Also, there is a significant coverage required in the event of a caesarian section for childbirth and many post-natal tests and recuperation additional benefits.


Additional Benefits

General health policy may not offer any coverage in case of any complications arising from childbirth. This is why maternity-specific insurance plans offer a solution. These days plans are available for specific maternal benefits with multiple riders which have an impact on the payable premiums. However, generally, maternity policies cover the complications in the basic plan, and as such, you are entitled to add ons without any extra costs involved.

Coverage for the New Born

Maternity insurance plans offer additional coverage for your newborn up to a certain period of time. This covers the medical expenses, any congenital conditions, diseases etc.


Transportation benefits and extra coverage options:

Generally, maternity insurance cover benefits like ambulance charges, nursing fee, etc. This means that your extra requirements are taken care of and also assure financially stress-free maternity for you.



It is imperative to understand the exclusions of the maternity coverage too. Following expenses are not covered by Maternity Health Insurance:


  • Follow-up medical tests during nine months of pregnancy
  • Medicines and vitamins for the mother or newborn (unless part of treatment)
  • The doctor’s consultation fee for a routine check-up


The primary purpose of this additional coverage is to financially support the new family, especially the mother and the baby. It covers expenses for normal and caesarian deliveries, pre and post-hospitalization expenses including (30 and 60 days respectively), surgeon’s fees, anaesthetist consultation. Everyone wants the best quality and service when it comes to choosing hospitals for delivery. That is why private hospitals are high on demand. However, the bills can dig a huge hole in your pockets. This is when maternity coverage comes to your rescue and help you get good treatment and quality care. There can be a lot of unforeseen complications that can arise during this phase. A good maternity health insurance will not let you worry about the costs and will let you focus on your health. Therefore it is suggested to start thinking about maternity add ons as well while planning a family.


Mothers Too Need the Protection They Deserve

A well-thought maternity insurance plan can help ease off the rising costs so that you can enjoy the most precious moments of your life without any stress. Motherhood strengthens women in ways no man can imagine. It gives a new perspective on the lives of the parents. Therefore, it is suggested to protect the mother as well as the newborn from any possible mishappenings.

Overall, it takes the right planning to choose comprehensive maternity health insurance and get the best medical facilities for during and after pregnancy.

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