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Factors to remember when buying health insurance to save tax


Health Insurance offers numerous benefits in addition to the health coverage. One of the most important benefits availed by health insurance is the tax benefit. Tax benefits availed through health insurance help in reducing your taxable income; thus, ensuring that your overall income tax would also be lower. However, how can you use your health insurance to ensure that your taxable income is reduced? Well, you need to consider some factors to avail tax saving on health insurance.

Tax Saving on Health Insurance: Factors you should consider

You should consider the following factors while buying your health insurance if you want to save tax

Percentage of No-Claim Bonus Benefits and Limit:

You can receive a bonus form the insurance company if you have made a single claim during the previous year. The amount of bonus and limit depends on the each policy seller.

Pre and post hospitalization expenses:

Every health insurance provider provides some expense free coverage before hospitalization and some days after discharge. However, the number of days is different for each policy provider.


Sub-limits are the limits set by the insurance providers on ancillary expenses such as charge of the ambulance, preventive checkups, etc. The limit set on each expense is different for each policy provider.

Co-Payment Clause:

Each health insurance provider offers some sort of copayment clause, but it could be mandatory or optional, depending on the provider. Co-payments clause means that at the time of hospitalization, some part of the hospital expenses will be borne by you.

Restoration Benefit:

This benefit enables you to restore the original insured sum if you exhaust your policy amount and no claim bonus. However, this factor varies based on your policy provider.

Customized Health Insurance Plans from Bharti AXA

Selecting health insurance plans is no easy task as it requires you to consider an assortment of factors. However, Bharti AXA provides you with the suitable insurance plans. You can select from existing plans or you can create a new plan based on your requirements. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to clear all doubts that you may have including tax saving on health insurance doubts from the executive assigned to you. Additionally, if you still have further doubts, you can contact the helpline any day and anytime.

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