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Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying Health Insurance

What Are the Factors to Keep in Mind When Investing in Health Insurance

An accident on the way to work, a routine check-up that results in the diagnosis of a grave disease, an unexpected injury on a holiday - there’s no telling when trouble comes knocking on the door. While it might seem unavoidable, you can minimize the trouble by having a proper financial back-up. And the right health insurance plan offers just that. After all, why wouldn’t you invest in something that ensures quality medical treatment and a financial cover to combat the hefty bills that come along with it!

The premium depends on the plan you choose to go with. Age also plays a crucial role in determining the amount. Younger the policy holder, lesser is the premium. And the earlier in life you choose to invest in health insurance, the premium you pay will be lesser than someone who invests later. The amount of premium determines the financial cover of the health insurance policy. Higher the cover needed, higher is the premium to be paid.

But how do you decide on the level of financial cover while buying a health insurance policy?

You would want to know about the types of insurance covers offered. From a simple Mediclaim policy for hospitalization to disease-specific plans and critical illnesses, you also have health insurance plans for accidents and recovery.

Before investing in a health insurance plan, you would want to go through the family medical history. Are there particular diseases or illnesses recurring in the family? If so, it is best to go for the specific kind of health cover. These are called benefit plans, where you can claim a certain amount on the diagnosis of a disease.

The two basic kinds of plans are the individual health insurance policy and a family cover, the former costing higher than the latter per person insured. In a family health insurance plan, you are buying a blanket cover for your immediate family for an amount. If there’s a possibility of extended medical care or surgeries, you would want to look for a health insurance policy that offers a comprehensive cover for specific diseases or illness.

The company you choose also plays an important role. Insurance companies tie up with hospitals across the country for policy holders to avail the cashless health insurance option. Ideally, you would want a company that has a tie-up with hospitals in your immediate vicinity. You would also want to check for empaneled hospitals that specialize in treatments for the illness or diseases you might seek a financial cover for.

Once you have checked all the boxes, you can either choose to purchase it through an agent or a broker, or take the easy route and buy health insurance online.

What was once an option for middle-aged people is now viewed as a credible investment for a secure financial future. The right health insurance policy also ensures quality medical treatment that does not burn a hole into your savings.

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