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Important Factors to consider before getting an Add on Cover for your Car Insurance


If you own a Car, it is mandatory as per law to have Insurance coverage on your car at all times. Depending on the nature of coverage, there are two basic types of insurance policies.


  • Third Party Policies – This is the most basic type of policy that is compulsory for all car owners and covers damages to third parties from property damage, injury, death or disability
  • Comprehensive Cover Policies – These cover the buyer as well as the car from loss and damage along with third-party coverage


In addition to the above basic policies, buyers can choose optional add on covers in case they want to go for additional protections. These can be availed off by paying an extra amount over the base premium.


Read on to understand the important factors that should be considered before selecting any of the various add on covers that are available so that you can choose them wisely before buying your Car Insurance next time.


Factor 1: Age of your vehicle


Depreciation Cover

With a basic car insurance policy, in the event of a claim, the insurance company shall only pay for the depreciated value of the car.

Through a depreciation cover, the entire claim on depreciated parts such as batteries, rubber tyres, airbags, wooden and fiberglass components is paid resulting in lower out of pocket expenses for the policy owner.

This cover is especially recommended for vehicles that are less than five years old and you can make up to 2 claims within the policy period


Factor 2: Living in a flood-prone area


Hydrostatic Lock Cover:

A Hydrostatic lock is when the car engine stops working due to water seepage.

Since these damages are not covered in standard insurance policies it is advisable to buy this cover, especially if you live in areas prone to waterlogging or flooding. Through this cover costs for replacing or repairing damage due to water seepage are reimbursed within 15 days.


Factor 3: Being a prudent driver


No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protector:

Car Insurance policies have to be renewed every year as per law. With a standard policy, in the event of no claims, buyers can claim a No Claim Bonus at the time of renewal to get discounts of up to 50%. You can think of this as a reward for good driving.

However, even a small inadvertent accident that results in a claim can make you ineligible for claiming this reward.



Factor 4: Go on long road trips often


Road Side Assistance:

With the roadside assistance cover, you can have a hassle-free experience in the event of an accident or a breakdown on the road. Following are some of the services provided 24x7 through a roadside assistance cover

  • Towing Assistance to the nearest garage
  • Replacement of Flat Tyres
  • Jump-starting a battery
  • Providing Spare Keys
  • On-the-spot-Mechanics
  • Providing Rental Vehicles and Accommodation in case of major issues
  • Fuel Supply

This roadside assistance is particularly valuable for users who love to go on long trips especially in remote areas where it may not be possible to get quality service in the event of a breakdown or accident.


Factor 5: You park your vehicle in areas which are susceptible to burglaries


Invoice Price Cover:

The Invoice Price add on cover reimburses the policy owner for the Invoice value of the Car plus registration fees, insurance and road tax in case of damage or theft. This cover is only provided for cars which are less than 2 years old. By buying this policy user will be able to lower the costs of replacing a car which has been stolen or badly damaged.



Factor 6: You own a high-end automobile


Engine and Gearbox Cover:

The engine and the transmission gearbox are the heart of any car and are subject to a lot of wear and tear during the life of a car. Through this add on cover, cost of replacements and repairs on the engine and gearbox are covered. This is especially recommended for users who have high end imported cars as repair and replacement costs for engines and gearboxes can be substantial.



Factor 7: If you prefer covering all your bases


Key Replacement Cover:

With this add on cover, costs for replacement of a lost or stolen key or a damaged lock are reimbursed.


Consumables Cover:

Costs of consumables such as oils, nuts, distilled water, paint, washers, etc. are not covered with standard policies. Through the consumables cover, the costs of consumables which are incurred due to accident or damage are reimbursed within a period of 3 days.

You should avail of this cover in case you do not want to incur expenses of consumables at the time of repairs on your car.


Hospitalization Covers:

You could buy additional covers for hospitalization, medical expenses and ambulance charges to cover for additional expenses that will be incurred in the event of an accident leading to hospitalization.


Co-Passenger cover:

With a standard policy, the owner or driver of the car gets an accident cover of Rs.15 lakhs. With this cover, fellow passengers are covered up to Rs.1 lakh in case of permanent partial or total disability or death.



Damage to your car can result in large, unplanned expenses even if you are having a basic insurance policy. Even if they result in an increase in your premium outgo, these add on covers have proved to be good value for money in most claim scenarios.


Depending on your requirements, make sure to select the right add on covers and enhance the coverage of your car policy. Bharti AXA offers car insurance plans with a variety of add on covers.




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