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Exploring The Food Culture Of Singapore


When in a foreign land, do as the locals do and eat as the locals eat. The local cuisine makes for an important part of any travel expedition. Singapore gives a lot of importance to its food culture, and this can be clearly seen in their main greeting – Makan or Have You Eaten. The depth and diversity of local flavors is something to watch out for, while the mouthwatering flavours are something that you will relish lifelong.


  • Hainanese Chicken Rice

If you are looking for a quick, fulfilling lunch, Hainanese chicken rice is the best bet for you. This all-time favorite dish consists of steamed chicken that is served with rice cooked in chicken stock. Chicken stock brings flavor to this dish while the aroma of steamed rice makes it irresistible. Some dipping sauce over the chicken gives this dish an extra flavor that is loved by all.

  • Wanton Mee

Typically eaten dry, Wanton Mee tastes best when drenched with some light sweet sauce. This noodle dish is influenced by Hong Kong cuisine but has now become a part of the Singaporean food culture. The dish is accompanied by wanton dumplings, slices of pork char siew, and a small bowl of soup on the side.

  • Laksa

One of the yummiest dishes that you will taste in Singapore is Laksa. This dish is a cross between Malay and Chinese cuisine and comes in many variants. The most popular variant is the one in which rice noodles is served with chicken meat, fish cakes, egg, and spicy coconut curry soup. You may also ask to add tofu puffs and cockles.

  • Chili Crab

With tomato chili serving as the base, hard-shell crabs are served in a semi-thick gravy. Though the name of this dish has chili as the prefix, it is not actually that chili. Order bread along with the dish to soak the gravy and enjoy it to the fullest.


When the description of these dishes is so mouthwatering, imagine how good the taste would be in real. When in Singapore, don’t miss relishing these dishes to savor the authentic taste of local cuisine. Keep in mind to give your stomach a good break when you hop on between dishes to keep your health intact. As a backup plan, invest in a Singapore travel insurance plan. Travel insurance will cover you from any medical emergencies that you may face during the trip. Remember, your safety is in your hands.

While you are exploring the food culture of Singapore, don’t forget exploring the nightlife and the amazing party sports of the city from our Guide to Singapore.

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