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Exploring Food Culture Of France


After ticking off the necessary checklists for your French trip like flight tickets, hotel bookings and France visa requirements, it’s now time for you to explore the variety of cuisines the country has to offer.

France as a country takes a lot of pride in their culinary arts as they offer some of the most delectable cuisines in the world. But before you land in France, do a little homework that will help you plan your trip well. A major part of it is getting familiar with their food cultures and traditions, so here are a few pointers that will help you get started with it.

  • Meals

Prior reservation for Michelin-starred restaurants is mandatory as many tourists and locals visit such places for their famous, critically acclaimed dishes.

  • Breakfast: Le petit déjeuner

French bakeries take pride in their freshly baked bread aka “baguettes”, accompanied with jam and butter. Coffee, by default is served in the form of an espresso. You have the choice to soak your bread in your coffee or tea or, try it with different types of jams. Various pastries like the “brioche”, which is a sweet bun or the “pain au chocolat”, which is like a croissant, are also served.

  • Lunch – Le déjeuner

In many regions, Lunch is served between 11;30 to 1:30 pm. Post that, one can explore some self -serving cafes. Most restaurants have a fixed menu with limited choices i.e., “le Menu du jour”

A simple 3 course meal in France consists of starters i.e., an Entree, which traditionally is a mixed salad, soup, or paté.

The main course, “le plat principal”, is a choice between meat or fish accompanied with potatoes, rice, and/or vegetables.

Desserts are sometimes not included in the menu and one need to enquire the waiter-in- charge; commonly it includes Ice-Creams, Creme Brule, etc.

A different menu is often included in most of the restaurants ie a-la-carte, based on special occasions like Bastille’s day.

  • Dinner - Le dîner

A light evening meal would consist of a soup or gratin, which are vegetables cooked with a crispy cheese topping.

Dinners in France are a long-drawn-out affair. It may or may not include more than 3 courses starting with an apéritif which is a pre-meal drink, and hors d’oeuvre that includes a salad or a sorbet between courses.

Nouvelle cuisine, although a bit heavy on the pocket are worth adding to the list of dishes you might want to try in France. Nouvelle cuisines are made from fresh ingredients in an aesthetically pleasing presentation. The ingredients create blasts of flavors in your palette thus making it okay for you to spend a tad bit exorbitantly.

As a parting advice, to ensure your system is safe from any medical expenditure from your gastronomic adventure in France, buy travel insurance for France for a smooth gourmet experience.


With that, Bon Appetit!

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