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Exploring Food Culture Of Europe


When traveling to Europe – the continent with delectable offerings, do not miss to savor the local cuisine. The culinary culture of Europe is a journey in itself where you go on an amazing food adventure with many dishes served to your palate.

Get a unique and authentic experience with the local food of European countries which you will relish for the lifetime. Even the little-known delicacies of the places will make your tummy rumble. When planning for a vacation, make a list of the local food items that you must try when in Europe.

  • Moules-Frites

A classic dish from Belgium, Moules-Frites is an effortless dish cooked in the white wine and cream. This traditional dish from Northern France has a flemish flavor. Often served in a pan with a load of fries, the mouth-watering Moules-Frites can be the best thing that happened on your Europe trip!

  • Faves a la Catalana

The traditional food from Barcelona, Faves a la Catalana is loved by one and all in the winter season. Prepared with fava beans, the dish is cooked in earthen ware.  Faves a la Catalana is considered as one of the most important dishes in Catalonia.

  • Fondue

You may not know, but the Swiss are very fond of Fondue. This convivial dish in Switzerland is a great offering in the summer evenings. Being great fans of their tradition, Swizz people have specific habits of eating Fondue. With every bite of Fondue, you will feel this comforting food!

  • Goulash

Several dishes masquerading as Goulash can be found worldwide, but the Hungarian version of Goulash is a world apart. The dish got its name from the gulyas. Goulash is a delicious soup or stew with a rich paprika seasoned broth. Perfect for cold weather, this dish is served with a slice of bread or biscuits.

The description of these mouth-watering dishes may have accelerated your Europe plan. There is also a long list of food to savor with local cuisines of Ljubljana, Slovenia; Bucharest, Romania; Motovun, Croatia, and others. So, when in Europe, do not miss to give your stomach a hearty break with these delectable offerings of the continent. This list will surely make your trip a memorable one. Keeping a backup plan will also be a good deal for your trip. Don’t forget to take Schengen travel insurance. Travel Insurance will help you to skip the unwanted expenses that you may have to deal with when traveling in a foreign land. Many things must be avoided when on an exploration journey to Europe. Read here!

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