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Exploring Food Culture Of Australia


If you’re traveling to Australia for your international vacation, you are bound to have a memorable experience. The locals are welcoming while there are tons of things to do and see. During your visit to the land of Kangaroos, you will come across many traditional Australian delicacies, and you must try them! If you’re feeling skeptical about some of these foods, here’s a comprehensive guide of Australian foods.

  • Surf And Turf

If you’re a fan of seafood and steak but can’t decide between the two, Surf and Turf is for you. This filling meal is served as the main course with an array of seafood to choose from. You can choose between oysters, calamari, lobsters and much more other seafood delicacies. It’s a must have when in Australia!

  • Fairy Bread

This one’s a favorite amongst the kids in Australia. Fairy bread is triangular pieces of white bread slathered with butter and loading them up with sprinkles. It might sound weird to you, but it is a found part of every Australian’s childhood. It’s never too late to be a child yourself and try it when in Australia.

  • Kangaroo And Emu

If you’re up for experimentation and ready to explore the foods of Australia, this one is for you. Emu and kangaroo are on the national emblem of Australia, they are one of the few countries that devour the animals on their emblem as a delicacy!  There are kangaroo sausages and emu pies available in many restaurants across the country. This a common delicacy enjoyed in almost every Australian BBQ. If you do get invited for a BBQ in Australia, don’t be shocked when you get served kangaroo and emu!

  • Barramundi

Barramundi is a seabass that is native to Australia, you’ll find this on the menu in various restaurants in the land of Kangaroos. It is cooked to perfection with a blend of herbs and served with a side of cooked potatoes. On your visit to Australia, you must try it at least once as it is delicious!

With such delicious options available to try in the land of Kangaroos, who wouldn’t want to go to Australia for their next international vacation! However, before you begin making bookings, arrangements, and itinerary for your visit to Australia, make sure that you have a Australia visa procedure done and get yourself an Australia travel insurance plan in place. Travel insurance is a must for travelers as it ensures that you get covered in case of a cancellation, natural calamity, theft, medical emergency, and lots more. It will help you have a stress-free time and make your stay even more safe and secure.

Also, when in Australia, there are a few things that you must avoid, click here to know more.

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