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Explore These Top Destinations In India Before It Disappears


Why now is the best time to get Travel insurance?

The insurance cover which caters to the needs and wants of every traveller is known as travel insurance. It serves as the financial backup for every traveller in case of contingencies such as delayed flights, loss or theft of luggage or medical emergencies during the trip. It is provided in the form of a single trip as well as multi-trip policy. Since most prominent destinations across the world require a travel visa, therefore it is the best time to get insurance regarding travel. The travel insurance policy also provides the tax deduction to the policyholder based on the terms and conditions.

The Amazing Places to Visit in India before they vanish

Get domestic travel insurance and these luxuries that India has to offer-

  • Sundarbans, West Bengal-One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it is the world’s largest stretch of mangrove forest which is home to the Royal Bengal Tigers. Recent global warming might be the reason this tidal forest will submerge someday In future.
  • Jaisalmer Fort, Rajasthan- This is India's last living fort which is over a 1000 years old. Due to climate change and modernisation, it is speculated that this modern structure will vanish in the near future.
  • Valley of flowers, Uttarakhand – Another UNESCO World Heritage Site in India which is facing deforestation and depletion in its diverse alpine flora.
  • Wular Lake, Jammu and Kashmir – It is one of India's as well as Asia's largest freshwater lakes. However, environmental issues and hunting of water birds might lead to depletion of this freshwater lake.
  • Shimla Civic Centre- Shimla Civic Centre is yet another one of those beautiful places in India which are facing deterioration in its historic structures.

Travel now

These places are indeed a must go for all the backpackers. But don’t forget to insure your travel with domestic travel insurance along with medical insurance. You can opt for Bharti AXA travel insurance online and get your instant policy in minutes.

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