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Effective Tricks To Keep Your Bike Well Maintained Always


Every teenager’s most coveted wishlists are topped by a dream bike. This wish hardly gets subdued by age; instead, it gets stronger in the form of launch of multiple bike models. However, this same level of craze cannot be sustained when it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of those bikes purchased after years of yearning. Here are the 8 tricks to keep your bike well maintained.

Check Your Tyres: Pressure & Tread

A weekly check of the tire pressure to make sure that they are as per the manufacturer’s guide is an important parameter to keep your bike in a good condition. Another aspect is the tread, which must be assessed alongside the pressure, every week, to make sure that tires are not worn beyond use.

Check Engine Oil For Smooth Operation

Deposition of carbon in the engine thickens the oil thereby reducing the engine motion and reducing your engine life. However, regularly changing the engine oil can keep your engine running like clockwork.

Clutch Adjustment

The clutch can neither be loose nor be tight, the former makes changing the gear hard, while the latter can considerably wear your clutch plate. With continuous traffic, the frequency of clutch usage has increased tremendously. Hence, it is crucial to check, at regular intervals, if the clutches are properly adjusted.

Tune Up Your Bike’s Engine

The engine is to a bike what a human heart is to the body, which is why servicing and tuning it at regular intervals is vital. This tuning up specifically includes cleaning up the carburettor and spark plug.

Chain Transmission System

The motorbike’s chain needs routine adjustment as well as cleaning. Over the period with the running of 1000s of kilometres, the chain can become loose as a result hampering the movement of the bike. In addition, with the dust and dirt all around, the chain becomes rough, thereby needing lubrication.

Cleaning The Surface

Cleaning is the most rudimentary activity that can keep your bike looking new. However, before cleaning, you need to cover the ignition switch unit, H.T. Coil, and silencer so that no water enters in these areas.

Maintain Brakes And Batteries

Always maintain a checklist for your battery leakages and brakes. The former helps you in starting and later stops your bike whenever required. Keeping distilled water handy can go a long way in enhancing your battery’s life.

Insure To Ensure A Safe Ride

It is beneficial for you to get the bike insured as it protects you against any financial liabilities arising from damage to the bike, or to a third party because of your bike. Comprehensive bike insurance even protects the owner-driver and gives all-round cover to the bike against damage, theft, and loss.

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