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Drive safely this monsoon with right motor insurance


During the monsoon season, driving on the roads can be a very tricky thing. Roads are slippery, pot-holed or flooded, and there are strong winds which can all make driving during the monsoons particularly hazardous. To be safe, first of all, buy car insurance, and then take the basic driving precautions listed here below:

  • Thoroughly inspect your vehicle before starting to drive. It would include making sure that your windshield wipers are properly working, if not then replace them. Check whether your tires are in good condition and if they are too worn out, replace them. Additionally, ensure that your brakes and lights are functioning properly.
  • Start early for your destination, for during monsoon the roads are bound to be congested as navigation is a problem, not just for you but for all vehicles plying on the roads. So, there are high chances that you may get caught in traffic jams and get late for office. If you start early, you will avoid the risk of getting late for office.
  • Avoid speeding, as the roads are going to be wet and slippery. Your car’s wheels will not be able to grip the road firmly. Drive at a steady pace and avoid sudden breaks, turns or acceleration.
  • Maintain a greater distance between you and the vehicle ahead – more than you do in other seasons because braking takes longer on a wet road. Keep a careful watch on the tail-lights of the vehicle in front of you.
  • If you feel that you are unable to drive safely on the wet road, pull off the road completely and turn off your lights, because vehicles behind you will also be following your tail-lights, and you wouldn’t want to confuse the vehicles behind you in such risky conditions.
  • Avoid driving through flooded areas. The best indicator is jammed traffic ahead. The moment you see that there is a traffic jam ahead, turn around before it is too late and you yourself get trapped in the jam. Stay alert about weather warnings from local authorities. Nowadays, you can even check the real-time traffic conditions up ahead on your mobile, and take the route which is indicated to be the safest, even if it is longer.
  • If there is a live power line which is broken and your car comes in contact with it, you should stop your car and stay inside it. If other factors force you to get out of the car, then you should jump out of the car without letting your body come in touch with the ground and the car at the same time in order to avoid getting electrocuted.

In addition to getting a car insurance policy, you also need to get a personal accident insurance policy to be fully safe and secure while driving during the monsoon. Browse through the plans of Bharti AXA to find a plan that suits your requirements, and you will find it highly rewarding.

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