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Do's And Don’ts While Purchasing Insurance For TVS Bikes


Be it a two wheeler, four wheeler or any kind of vehicle you wish to buy, be sure that you take proper insurance for your vehicle. Buying insurance is a mandatory requirement for any type of vehicle. It provides protection against unforeseen incidents such as accidents, natural calamities, terrorist attacks, etc. Riding without proper insurance is an act of violation of traffic rules. In case of accidents, insurance helps in bearing your expenses in terms of medical treatment and provides financial support to a certain extent.




What will your TVS insurance cover?

When you choose TVS insurance, the following things are covered against:

  • Damage caused to your two wheeler due to reasons such as theft, communal riots, terrorism, etc.
  • Damage caused due to natural calamities such as flood, earthquake, fire, hurricane, etc.
  • Financial support to the rider in case of accidents.
  • Support against third party liabilities.





Benefits of TVS bike insurance:

  • Some of the insurance companies provide TVS insurance policy where the rider can buy insurance straight for three years and avail a long term coverage.
  • In case of any minor repairs on the vehicle, the vehicle owner can avail a cashless claim settlement at over 4000 garages across India.
  • TVS insurance team provides 24/7 call assistance for customers in terms of claims support.
  • TVS bike insurance can be bought online through some simple and easy steps.





Do’s and don’ts to be followed while purchasing insurance for TVS bikes




  • Be aware about the type of bike insurance cover. There are two types of two-wheeler insurance. One such type is third party insurance, which is mandatory by law. It covers injury caused to any property or any other individual. Another type is comprehensive insurance where both third party and own losses are covered.
  • Before buying an insurance policy, be aware about the inclusions and exclusions that comes under the policy. Claims will be denied in the event of an accident caused when rider is under the influence of drugs, alcohol, etc.
  • Take time in researching about the best insurance company. Today there are too many numbers of insurance companies around the nation. Research smartly and make a comparison between the insurance policy offered by various companies.




  • Make sure that you don’t choose an insurance policy just because it is cheap. You should be smart enough to research a deep about the company’s history, service offered and important things related to the two-wheeler insurance.
  • Never miss to read the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.
  • Do not wait until the expiry of the insurance. Be aware about the expiry well in advance and get your vehicle insured.
  • Never hide any detail about your vehicle to avoid hampers that could cause at the time of insurance renewal. Be honest about every single detail to ensure a hassle-free renewal process.




As mentioned above at various sections, be wise enough when you choose an insurance company. Make sure that you the policy meets your requirements and is within your budget.

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