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Does Health Insurance Cover Car Accident Injuries


In case of a car accident, multiple types of risks come into play. These include loss of income, loss of health and loss of asset. Each of these may be covered by multiple kinds of insurance policies. Loss of health arising from injuries sustained in a car accident, for example, may be covered by your car insurance, other parties car insurance, your general purpose personal accident insurance, your compulsory personal accident cover or even your health insurance. Whether health insurance covers such injuries depends on your policy’s terms and conditions.

Who is responsible for medical bills in case of a car accident?

Generally, the person at fault in a car accident will have to pay the medical bills of everyone else involved in the accident. This is typically done through third-party liability insurance which is mandatory as per the current Indian regulations. If it is a “no-fault” accident, which is when no party is at fault for the accident, your Compulsory Personal Accident (CPA) cover will pay for the treatment of any injuries you sustain. CPA can be purchased either bundled with your motor insurance or a standalone policy. This also covers accidents where no third party is involved, for example if you have an accident trying to avoid a stray on the road.

But what about the health insurance policy?

Not all health insurance policies have an accidental cover by default. Some may even put injuries resulting from an auto accident under exceptions. That said, all of them will have an option to buy a personal accident cover as an add-on. This could be a good option and you should check the same with your insurance provider before you buy health insurance.

The policies that include accidental cover by default will usually have a cap of expenses covered under various heads. For example, there may be a limit on ambulance charges, hospital room charges and even hospital cash allowed in case of accidents. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the limits to avoid any surprises at the last moment.

What if you have multiple covers for such injuries?

If your health insurance covers your car accident injuries, and you also have a separate CPA cover for the same – it is advisable to set your health insurance as the primary provider for your medical expenses. This way, your CPA/car insurance will only get utilized if your health insurance reaches the limits specified. Remember that you may like to invert this if your health insurance has a co-pay or deductible applicable.

While life insurance companies are not allowed to sell standalone accident cover, you can always get it as a rider with your life insurance. Bharti AXA Life provides a personal accident cover add-on at very reasonable price. That said, make sure you read your health insurance policy’s terms and conditions carefully. Do not assume that an accidental cover will be included and will be sufficient for your requirements. If not, you can always get a CPA with your car insurance.

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