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Do You Need a Health Insurance?

Do You Need a Health Insurance?

In a country like India where most of the people are fighting to meet their basic daily needs such as food and shelter, health insurance sure looks like a very small problem. Ever since childhood, our parents teach us to save for emergencies but buying a health insurance plan is never made a priority. Many people are in dark about health insurance policy and do not understand the importance of having an individual or family health insurance plan for them.

Many young people wonder if they need health insurance at all.  the logical sounding argument is that when a person is healthy and fit will not need to be hospitalized any time soon, and therefore does not need health insurance. Whenever a person comes to us wondering about the need for the health insurance, we ask them to answer just two questions truthfully. These questions are:

Do You Think That You Will Never Suffer from a Medical Emergency?

For one, no one can guarantee that they will not contract a disease - communicable or otherwise - even when they are fully fit at the moment. But more importantly, medical emergency is not just when a disease strikes but also when one is in an accident.  

If you think lifestyle is the only determine factor, think again. What if you are traveling back home from work and you get into a major accident, you might require medical aid then. We all know that numerous new diseases are being discovered every day. How can you say for sure that you will not suffer from any big disease shortly? Give this a thought, and you might want to buy health insurance as soon as possible.

Do You Believe That You Have Enough Money for A Medical Emergency?

The next question is related to the first one. Say if you do have a medical emergency and you have to be hospitalized. Considering the increasing cost of the hospital bills, do you think that you have enough money saved to pay for your treatment? If yes, then we do not think that you need the health insurance plans. However, if you think it is not possible for you to pay a few lakh rupees at a go without dipping into your savings, you should consider investing in a health insurance plan.

Health Insurance Is A Necessity

When one answers both of the above questions, it will be pretty evident how important investing in a health insurance is. It is not just health insurance but a way to secure one’s life savings. Emergencies can strike anyone and at any time. So, if you buy health insurance on time, you might have to suffer a little lesser, and you can be assured that at least some or all of the spending on the medical bills will be taken care off.

To answer whether it is important to buy health insurance? We would say it is! Health insurances are available for people of all age groups. Even for the elderly, there is health insurance for senior citizens. You can even renew health insurance online from the comfort of your homes. For a small amount you spend on health insurance, you can reap huge benefits at the time of emergency.

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