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Do Only Women Need 24x7 Car Breakdown Assistance?

Do Only Women Need 24x7 Car Breakdown Assistance?

Picture this, its 1 a.m. and Sanjana is happily driving her car. She is leaving the city for a solo vacation and is on a deserted stretch of the road when her car breaks down. She has basic car repair tools, but the problem is much bigger. She needs assistance, but is unable to find a place nearby that can help her fix her car. Now, imagine the same situation where Rahul’s car breaks down. Do you think the outcome would be any different? Rahul would be as helpless in the middle of the night, as Sanjana. Especially if the situation both face is a car problem that needs an expert’s solution.

So why do people assume that only women would need 24 x 7 car breakdown assistance, as opposed to men? Because of prevalent stereotypes!

How does a 24 x 7 car breakdown assistance work?

To avoid being stuck in a bad situation when your car breaksdown, you should get a breakdown assistance policy from your car insurance company. This add-on to, or clause in, your four-wheeler insurance policy ensures that youl get assistance in the form of on-the-road repairs for minor issues or car towing assistance if the issue cannot be handled without professional equipment.

In case you are faced with a flat tyre, the car insurance breakdown assistance clause will ensure that it is taken care of. Similarly, if you’ve lost your keys or are locked out and need immediate assistance, you will receive it.

Many a times, you would have faced a situation where you’ve run out of fuel and need help. If you have a car insurance policy, your emergency fuel needs will be taken care of. Thereby making such policies extremely crucial.

Types of car insurance plans for breakdown assistance

There are various kinds of car insurance plans that treat the breakdown assistance differently. Some let you make a set number of emergency calls and claims at a lower premium, whereas others allow for a higher number of emergency calls and claims at a higher premium. So depending on your use or predictions based on the type of car you own and where you drive it, you can choose the right car insurance plan.

If you have a car that gives you problems on a regular basis, it is essential that you get yourself covered under a car insurance plan that provides a 24 x 7 car breakdown assistance. Irrespective of whether you’re a man or woman, when you’re faced with a car breakdown issue your car insurance provider should be able to help.

So, whenever you plan to buy or renew your car insurance online, ensure to get a complete view of the car insurance quotes available in the market before you make your decision. There are many four-wheeler insurance plans that you can choose from, which have a 24 x 7 car breakdown assistance that will meet your unique requirements.


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