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DIY Tips To Keep Your Car Clean


Isn’t it a great feeling to step into a shiny, squeaky clean and fresh smelling car? Be it the daily work commute or a long trip out of town, driving a neat, and clean, tidy car can make the drive a real pleasure.

Making sure both the exterior and interior of your car get a proper cleaning, need not be a time-consuming, heavy-duty job. Neither does it have to mean waiting for the next servicing at the workshop.

DIY Car Cleaning Tips:

With a few tips and tricks and following a good cleaning regime, you can easily manage your car cleaning at home. Here are some useful pointers that will help you keep your car in top condition.

  1. Wipe surfaces immediately – If there is any kind of food spillage, use tissues and then a wet wipe to clean the surface and avoid stains or odour inside the car.  
  2. Organise glove compartment – Use the glove compartment to store important car documents like the company manual, copy of the RC, car insurance papers. Also keep a pack of wet wipes and other small items like aux cable handy.    
  3. Bin the trash – Keep a small travel size trash bin in the car to dump litter like wrappers and used tissues.  
  4. Clean floor mats – Once or twice a week remove all the floor mats and give them a good shake to clear the dust, dirt and gravel accumulated. Spray with water as and when required but let the mats dry completely before replacing.
  5. Use an air freshener – Attach a car air freshener to the air vents on the dashboard to keep away bad odours. Choose a mild, pleasant fragrance that is not overpowering. 
  6. Vacuum clean – Car vacuum cleaners are a handy gadget to deep clean your car interiors once a week. It is very useful for seats and those small, hard-to-reach nooks. 
  7. Wipe windshields – Wet wipes and a lint-free cloth are effective tools to give the windshields a quick daily wipe.   
  8. Follow the service schedule – Track and follow the routine maintenance schedule as specified in the service manual. This will keep your car free of mechanical issues and all its parts functioning in a healthy manner.  
  9. Weekly exterior wash – Once a week wash the car exterior with water. Add some car shampoo to the water if possible, for a sparkling clean wash. Rinse with plain water and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth.    
  10. Regular repairs – Make sure you buy car insurance. The cashless car insurance claims will take care of any repair your car may need in a convenient, cost-effective manner.  


A clean, well-maintained car is also a reflection of your personality. Make it a regular practice to follow these DIY tips to ensure many comfortable and happy drives for you and your co-passengers.

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