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Difference Between Power Petrol And Normal Petrol


You might have noted at many of the fuel pumps while fueling your vehicle that there are two kinds of fuel sold at pumps. Also, if you have asked for fueling your vehicle with power petrol, then you might have noted that the price or cost of power petrol is higher than regular petrol. Doesn’t it make you curious? Like what is the difference between petrol, are there any additional benefits of adding power or premium petrol, and why power petrol is costlier than standard petrol?

In India, fuel pumps usually sell three categories of petrol;

• Normal (unleaded)

• Premium petrol (Power, Speed, and Extra mile, Turbojet or Hi-speed)

• High octane petrol (Speed octane)

You can note here that Power is a kind of premium petrol and normal is unleaded. The main difference between regular and power fuel is that power or premium fuels have a higher number of octane. Usually, in the country, different kinds of petrol have different numbers of octane. Regular petrol or unleaded petrol has octane ratings of 87 typically. In midgrade petrol, the number of octanes varies from 88 to 90. In premium or PoWer petrol, there is a higher number of octane, i.e. 91 to 94.

There are several advantages of fueling your vehicles with power fuel. Some of the significant benefits of using premium/power petrol are as below;

  • Increase in fuel economy (average) - Adding power petrol improves the combustion of fuel in an engine which assists your vehicle in enhancing the economy of it.
  • Enhance the speed and power of vehicle- When you use Power petrol, it reduces engine knocking directly and fuel power affects the strength of the vehicle. You can get more acceleration and power using it.
  • Eliminate the deposit of intake valves and fuel injector in engine mechanism.
  • Adding power fuel will improve your driving experience as it utilizes the maximum power and speed from the fuel. Nevertheless, eliminating the use of intake valves and fuel injectors will offer you a smooth ride over your vehicle.
  • Manage and direct octane requirement increase (ORI) of your vehicle.
  • Prevents fusion of input valves, reduce engine banging, and lessen harmful exhaust emissions through silencers.

In summary, Power petrol has a higher number of octanes than standard petrol. A number of benefits and advantages are attached to using Power petrol, such as improvement in the economy, smooth-riding, and vehicle’s strength. Even though Power or premium petrol is a little costlier, it is affordable to use Power petrol for the betterment of driving experience.

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