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Couple Travel Tips To U.S.A.


The U.S.A. is an ideal travel destination for couples given the variety of experiences it offers for couples. Be it getting married in Vegas or proposing your loved one atop California’s Golden Gate Bridge, there is no dearth of options in terms of the most romantic and memorable experiences couples can enjoy on the trip to the U.S.A.

Ironically, this holiday comes with its own set of challenges. Once you have referred to a U.S.A. visa guide and made a successful application, here are a few tips that you should consider when you are travelling with your partner to the U.S.A. to ensure a truly smooth and special holiday.

  • Focus On The Bigger Picture

When you start on your holiday together, remember that spending days and weeks together on end can be both, a rewarding and challenging experience since you will discover new facets about your partner. Take them with a grain of salt and focus on building pleasant memories for not just a great vacation, but also a happy relationship.


  • Indulge In A New Experience

Taking on a new activity along with your partner can help strengthen your relationship. Since the U.S.A. is such a diverse country with varied experiences, you can always find something new to explore no matter which part of the country you visit. 

For instance, if you have both wanted to undertake adventure sports but are afraid to take the first step, then get that adrenaline pumping and go zip lining above the gushing Hocking River in Ohio. If you are visiting in the summer, then don't miss the Snowmass Balloon Festival in Aspen.

In short, no matter which experience you settle for, look for at least one activity that is new and exciting to both of you.


  • Discuss Budget And Trip Style

A trip to the U.S.A. can be very expensive. Therefore, it is important that you and your partner are on the same page in terms of an estimated budget. Make sure you discuss not just the expenses, but what the priorities are in terms of spends. For e.g. would you both rather save on meals but spend more on accommodation should the trip throw up unexpected expenses? Or would it be the other way around?


Understanding whether you are on a backpacking or luxury holiday is equally important to arrive at spending clarity. You should also look for ways how you can save on expenses. U.S.A. travel insurance from Bharti AXA GI can come in handy in this regard. Travel insurance can help you take care of any emergency expenses in case of adversity. Lastly, make sure that both of you are carrying the necessary cash/cards so that none of you have to constantly reach out to the other person for every small expense incurred on the trip.

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