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Countries which offer visa on arrival to Indian citizens


Filling out visas is a cumbersome process as it entails visits to the embassy, multiple forms, showing salary slips, tax returns, bank statements, etc.

If you are an ardent traveler and all this seems like too much of a hassle, you can simply opt to visit a country that does not require a visa or provides visa on arrival.

As of 2019, 25 countries can be visited by Indians without a visa while 39 countries provide Indians with a visa on arrival. While this may seem like a small number as compared to countries like the UAE (167), Germany (166) and Singapore (165), it includes a number of exotic travel destinations some of which have been listed below.

An important point to note though is that you should have at least 6 months of validity on your passport and maintain the passport with you at all times during your stay. It is also advisable to get travel insurance from reputed companies like Bharti AXA to protect you from unforeseen events like loss or theft of passport, delayed baggage or hospitalization during travel.

  1. Cambodia

    Located in South East Asia, Cambodia is best known for the stunning ancient temples of Angkor Wat, magnificent beaches in the south, tropical rainforests in the North and laid back towns like its capital Phnom Penh.You can get a single entry e-Visa for travel up to 30 days and valid for 3 months by paying USD 20.

  2. Bhutan

    Located in the eastern Himalayas, the Kingdom of Bhutan offers stunning sights, ancient monasteries (do not miss the Tiger’s nest monastery) and landscapes ideal for hikes and treks.

    Indians can enter Bhutan with their passport or their Voter Identity Card. Entry Permit for visiting Thimpu and Paro can be obtained at Phuentsholing (if travelling by road) or Paro International Airport. To visit other areas, a special area permit is required which can be obtained from RGoB immigration office at Thimpu

  3. Indonesia

    With over 13,000 islands, Indonesia has a lot to offer. Primary attractions include large cities like Jakarta, idyllic destinations like Bali and tropical rainforests in Borneo.

    For stays less than 30 days, no visa is required and a Visa Exemption Stamp is provided at the immigration counter. For stays between 30-60 days, you will need to pay USD 35 on arrival for a 30 day visa and a further USD 45 for an extension of 30 days.

  4. Kenya

    Kenya is a must see destination for any wild life enthusiast with its world famous Masai Mara reserve where one can get to see an unparalleled variety of wildlife such as Lions, Cheetahs, Leopards, Wild Buffaloes, Elephants, etc.

    You can obtain a single entry 90 day validity e-Visa by paying USD 50 online. You will also be required to provide details of your itinerary and hotel bookings at the time of application

  5. Jordan

    The middle eastern country of Jordan counts the unique desert vistas at Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea and the famous archaeological site of Petra as amongst its chief attractions.

    Tourists can obtain a 14 day Visa on arrival by paying USD 60. Applicants should also carry a cover letter stating purpose of visit, confirmed return ticket and a bank statement showing adequate funds for duration of visit

  6. Maldives

    Situated at the south eastern end of India, Maldives is a tropical paradise with sun kissed beaches, pristine waters and many coral reefs.

    Indians are issued a 30 day visa on arrival provided you have a confirmed return ticket out of Maldives and enough funds to cover your stay (150 USD per day).

    So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bagsand head to the nearest visa on arrival destination!

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