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The Complete Car Insurance Guide for Beginners

Car Insurance Guide: From Buying to Claiming

 A car insurance is one of the best investments you can make if you have recently bought a car. A  motor car insurance is a specialized insurance policy that is aimed at offering protection & security to your car against all forms of damages, injuries or financial burden arising out of a car accident or mishap. Under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 by the Indian Government, it is mandatory to buy a reliable car insurance policy for your vehicle. With the ever-increasing popularity of the benefits of  car insurance policies, there are several reliable  insurance companies offering  their car insurance policies at affordable rates. If you are new to  buying a car insurance policy for your vehicle, this article will help you know all that you need –right from the buying process to claiming a car insurance policy.

Third-Party & Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

When you research about four-wheeler insurance policies, you will come across the terms like “third-party insurance cover” and “comprehensive car insurance policy”. As a beginner, it might get confusing to fully understand the meaning and importance of these insurance-related terms. You  may consider taking expert  Guidance from a professional car insurer or a car insurance company.

A third party motor car insurance cover is used to offer coverage against the damage or injury caused to the property, vehicle, or person belonging to the third party in case it is your fault. On the other hand, the comprehensive car insurance cover is used to offer full-range protection against damages, injuries, and legal liabilities incurred by you in case of man-made or natural disasters. Some of the common instances wherein you might consider taking help from a comprehensive car insurance policy include car theft, vandalism, riots, terrorism, floods, car accidents, fires, animal attack, and so more.

Coverage Offered

When you buy a plan for car insurance policy for your vehicle, you are offered coverage for the following instances:

  • Theft or loss of the vehicle
  • Damage caused to the vehicle due to car accidents, riots, vandalism, flood, storm, and so more
  • Legal liability to the third parties
  • Personal accidental cover for the car owner/driver and the co-passengers
What is Not Covered under the (specify plan name) plan?

Buying a car insurance is undoubtedly an excellent decision, however, it does not imply that you have got just about everything covered under your plan; here are a few exceptional cases that must be noted  that might not be covered under any four wheeler insurance plan.  They are:

  • Drinking & driving
  • Driving without a license
  • Consequential loss
  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown of the car
  • Wear & tear and aging factors of the car
  • Loss or damage outside the nation

Claiming the Car Insurance Policy

There are several ways of applying for the car insurance claim. The most important aspect of the claiming process is informing the car insurer right away after the car accident or mishap. Then, you will be required to register the particular insurance claim by providing the necessary documents like the insurance claim form, registration copy of your vehicle, and so more. Some of the car insurance companies also offer the ease of making car insurance online claims. Additionally, there are some like Bharti AXA that also offer the provision of making cashless claims across several garages throughout the nation in case your car needs to be taken to the nearest garage for repairs.

Right from buying to claiming the car insurance, you can consider taking professional help to ensure a hassle-free process.

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