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Check Out These Tips To Drive Safe This Monsoon


The monsoon has come again. It is that time of the year when people rejoice in the coming of the dark and obscure clouds. However, while you are all set to enjoy the season have you figured out how you’ll protect you and your vehicle during those long monsoon drives?

No doubt the season brings joy in our lives. But, besides this the season also brings along with it, a set of slippery roads, waterlogged areas, massive roadside puddles, internal flooding, etc. If there is one aspect of our lives that are most affected by this is driving. Not only does driving become a challenge during monsoons, but it also often becomes hazardous. Thus, here are a few tips which we have put together that will help you have a safe and sound driving experience.

The Guidelines For A Safer Driving Experience

Safe driving becomes a real challenge during the rainy season. The pitiable conditions of the roads in India further add to the woes faced. As a result, drivers need to be careful, follow the proper driving and traffic rules, and be alert if in case worst scenario arises.

A few tips that drivers can follow to drive safely, include:

  1. Preliminary Inspections –Perform thorough preliminary inspections on your vehicle and ensure that everything is in proper condition before you go out.
  2. Keep A Check On Your Speed – While on the road, drive at controllable speeds as it requires longer for vehicles to slow down in wet conditions.
  3. Time Your Commute – Monsoons bring an increased probability of traffic congestion along with them, adding to the problem of navigation. By timing your commute and starting early, you can avoid such congestion.
  4. Maintain The Distance – Maintain a certain distance between your car and the ones in front of you as it takes time for your vehicle to slow down on wet roads.
  5. Avoid Flooded Roads –As far as possible, avoid flooded roads. The moment you come across massive traffic jams, imply it to be a flooded road and turn around.

The Right Tools That Protect You If Things Go Wrong

The tips above will help you to be more careful and follow the traffic rules as mentioned. However, as aforementioned, you also need to be equipped with the right tools if things do go south. Motor insurance i.e. your bike insurance or car insurance can be the perfect tool; in case, things ever go south during monsoons.

Monsoons in India are unpredictable, thus it's advisable that you protect your vehicle at all cost. Besides, when you opt for an insurance you know you are protected from unforeseeable circumstances such as natural disasters, man-made disasters, accidents, etc. Hence, always seek for insurance provider who will help you get the desired cover to suit all your needs.

So, now that you know how you can commute safely during monsoons all we’d say is be ready at all times and enjoy the monsoons.

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