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Car Performance Vs Utility - What Is More Important?


The decision to buy a new car is a big one. Given the vast number of car brands and models available in the market, a prospective car buyer could find it difficult to decide.

There are many factors to consider for a new car purchase. It is worth spending time doing the necessary research and thinking through all aspects, so that an informed decision is taken without any later doubts or regrets. For instance, is the performance of the car more important or should you go in for a utility vehicle.



Performance will take into account the engine type, power output, torque generated, fuel economy and other technical specifications that makeup the powertrain and affect the running of the car.


Utility on the other hand is about the features that make the car capable of doing the tasks it is made for, such as the cabin and leg room space in a Utility Vehicle as it would be used for seating more people or the size of the boot for carrying a lot of luggage if you plan to use the car mostly for long driving trips. 

When buying a new car, it is practical to start by drawing up a list of questions about why you are planning a new car purchase in the first place. Here is a checklist of some useful points to bear in mind:


Understand Your Requirement:

  • What will you use the car for? – primary use and secondary use
  • How many people on an average will travel in the car?
  • Where will the car be driven? – within the city/highway/off-road
  • Will it be self-driven or chauffeur-driven?
  • How often will the car be driven?
  • What is the approximate distance the car will cover daily/monthly?
  • What is the size of your parking space?
  • What is the boot space required?
  • What are the safety features needed?
  • What advanced tech features are desired?

Answering these questions will give you a clear idea of the kind of car that will suit your needs. Of course, all of these considerations will need to be balanced against your finances.



Have you defined a budget for buying a new car? Make sure to cover key financial aspects and calculate the pre and post purchase costs:

  • Amount required for full payment or EMI on a car loan
  • In case of a car loan, amount required for down payment
  • Cost of car insurance premium
  • Monthly fuel costs

A high-performance, feature-loaded vehicle may prove expensive in terms of maintenance. Also the car insurance premiums will be higher. Whichever car you buy, it is crucial to protect it from loss or damage by getting it insured. You can purchase car insurance online to cover your car and you from any accidental cost.

When it comes to buying a new car, the performance vs utility debate can only be settled by a proper assessment of one’s needs and finances.

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