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6 Car Insurance Comparison Tips to Make an Informed Decision

Are you looking to buy a car insurance policy online? D o you have an upcoming car insurance policy renewal? Are you looking at car insurance quotes to make sure that your policy is still the best deal? If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, then you’ve come to the right place. Customers often get confused when presented with a number of online car insurance policies by different providers. With so many seemingly reasonable quotes, it becomes essential for you to compare these car insurance quotes to make sure that you get a deal that best fits your insurance goals. Here are six simple tips for you to compare online quotes for car insurance policies presented by different companies:

How to Compare Car Insurance like a Pro

Insurance Premiums

This is one of the most obvious ways in which you can compare car insurance. Before buying a policy or renewing one, always check for premium amounts. Select a policy with a premium that fits your budget and gives the best covers.

Insured Declared Value (IDV)

IDV (Insured Declared Value) is the amount that is eligible for recovery in case of total loss of your car. Owners with expensive cars should look for car insurance policies which offer the highest IDV. For car owners with relatively inexpensive or old cars, it is best to look for insurers which are ready to insure your car at a lower IDV, as car insurance premiums are more likely to go up with higher IDV values.


Some car insurance policy providers offer free add-ons with their policies to gain leverage against their competitors. However, with the right guidance, you can filter out the add-ons which are of no real value to the policy. Make sure your car insurance provider gives enough add-ons and lets you customize your car insurance policy according to your car insurance needs.

Maximum Cashless Facilities or Garages

Cashless claim facility is gaining momentum in all insurance sectors. Insurers associate with multiple firms and service providers to provide you faster and better service. With these cashless facilities or garages, users need not pay upfront for repairs made to their vehicles. Before you choose a car insurance policy, check for the availability of these facilities. It is important to have a car insurance provider which has a stronger network so that you can get the best services.

Usage Based Plans

If you don’t make a lot of use of your car, then look for insurers which provide insurance based on your usage. By reducing the distance you travel by car, you automatically reduce your risk factor. Thus, if you are someone who uses the car on a less frequent basis, then check with your insurer if you have been considered under the low risk group, and have been offered the right premium.

Ongoing Discounts

A lot of insurance companies offer discounts on their policies to attract and retain more customers. Look for ongoing discounts and compare policies based on that. You can also look for discounts with your current car insurance policy provider if you’re looking to insure a second car. Some companies also offer discounts on full premium payments. Discounts vary by company and it is good practice to check with providers for the same.

Buying the Perfect Car Insurance with Bharti AXA

You can buy the best car insurance which caters to your needs with Bharti AXA’s Car Insurance. We provide you with the best premiums and make sure that you get value-for-money insurance policies. Our cashless garages offer you the option to not be liable for payment of repairs made to your vehicle. You only need to pay for the excess towards depreciation of the replaced vehicle parts. Our insurance policies are supported by 24x7 Claim Assistance which make it the most customer-friendly service in the market.

To read about all the benefits that accompany a Bharti AXA Car Insurance, please visit our website. You may also want to go through other Bharti AXA insurance policies like health insurance plan for individuals and families, travel insurance plans for individuals, families and students, and many more.

Bottom line to comparing car insurances - explore your options. A lot of things might be going on in your mind while buying a car insurance which might lead to confusion. Thus, it is the best practice to shop around as much as you want and then select the best car insurance policy which best suits your needs.

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