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Car Accident Insurance Claim for Hit & Run


Hit and Run: Car Accident Insurance Claim

Have you been involved in a hit and run car accident? The word “hit & run” car accident is referred to as a situation where in the vehicle driver responsible for the car accident runs away from the spot of the accident. The problem in a hit & run accident case arises when even after proper reasonable trials, neither the driver nor the vehicle could be traced. The essential proceedings and guidelines in case of a hit & run car accident have been defined in the Indian Motor Vehicles Act under Section 161.

If you are involved in a hit & run car accident, this article will cover all you need to know about filing the car accident insurance claim. Here are some important tips for you to follow if you are involved in a hit & run car accident towards filing a proper motor car insurance claim:

  • Note Important Details of Hit & Run Case Offender: Though it might sound difficult, it is essential to remain calm and highly alert in the given unfortunate case of car accident. This will turn out to be immensely helpful when car accident happens. It is recommended to not follow the offender. This is because you will not be able to catch up with the offender easily. Moreover, you might also end up losing access to some of the important witnesses at the scene of the accident.

On the other hand, it is important to try noting important details of the offender’s vehicle like car number, car model, and so more. This information can help when you are informing the police about the hit & run car accident.

  • Engage with the Car Accident’s Witnesses: It is vital to talk to the witnesses of the involved car accident and inquire them if they are willing to provide you relevant information. When they agree to the same, you should take down their respective names & numbers. The testimony provided by the witnesses not only helps in strengthening the given case for ensuring your hit & run four-wheeler insurance compensation, but also provides relevant help to the lawful authorities towards tracking down the suspect easily and quickly.
  • File the Information Report of Hit & Car Accident Case: The FIR (First Information Report) is the legal report that the police usually prepare for registering the car accident and documenting all relevant information that is provided by the hit & run insurance claimant. Once the FIR has been filed with the concerned police, you should start with the essential ingredients on the given case.

Procedure of Filing the Hit & Run Car Insurance Claim

Once you have covered the basic steps in a typical hit & run accident case, you can go forward with filing the hit & run motor car insurance online claim:

  • The victim of the hit & run accident or the concerned legal representative must file the proper application to the Claims Enquiry Officer in your region.
  • The victim of the accident is free towards appointing any of the family member or even some agent as the legal representative.
  • If death has unfortunately occurred in the given accident, the appointed legal representative can go forward with filing a proper compensation on behalf of the deceased family or person.
  • The respective Claim Settlement Commissioner will help in coordinating with the respective District Commissioner at the district level. After this, the claim process will be forwarded.

Know all the important details of handling the car insurance process in a hit & run accident!

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