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Buying an Overseas Travel Insurance? Here are Things to Keep in Mind as Indians

Buying an Overseas Travel Insurance? Here are Things to Keep in Mind as Indians

Travelling to new places and exploring them is an amazing experience. You get to see a new travel destination, meet new people, make memories, taste their cuisine and learn about their culture. Sometimes, travelling overseas can increase the thrill manifold. This journey could be so different from anything you’ve ever experienced!

No matter how fun travelling sounds, it is equally important to be prepared for the basics beforehand. For example, pack ample warm clothes when travelling to a cold destination. Similarly, take the necessary precautions against potentially dangerous insects when travelling to a tropical location. However, travellers often feel helpless when met with unforeseen circumstances, especially when travelling abroad.  How can one decide what to do when in a state of panic in a place altogether unknown?  One secure method of being prepared is to get a travel insurance.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is the kind of insurance that you take to cover yourself against flight delays, loss of baggage, loss of passport as well as any emergency that might take place as you travel. Travel insurance also covers hospitalisation costs you might have to bear due to any medical emergencies, depending on the clauses mentioned in the travel insurance policy.

For instance, take Sanjana who is travelling to London for work and has travel insurance in place. Her flight gets cancelled and she has no flight for the next 24 hours. Her travel insurance company will have to book her a room to stay in this scenario, since it falls under the insurance cover. Had she not taken out an insurance, she would have to bear this unexpected cost of accommodation at the last moment.

Factors to consider when getting a travel insurance policy

  • Research the travel insurance policies available in the market. Understand your requirements and see which policies best match your needs.
  • Check the travel insurance company’s credibility before choosing to go ahead with it.
  • Sift through reviews and choose one that’s hassle-free, affordable and gives you the best service.
  • The premium of your travel insurance policy will depend on the travel destination, duration and purpose of travelling.
  • Your age will also pay a major role in determining the premium of the travel insurance you choose.
How to buy travel insurance?

There are various ways in which one can get a travel insurance. This ranges from consulting a travel insurance firm to researching and deciding online. There are many travel insurance policies that can be bought online, by filling in your details and making the premium payment.

To make a travel insurance claim online is also a fairly easy process. With so many benefits that come with your travel insurance, why take a risk? Simply get yourself insured before you travel!

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