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Buying Bike Insurance Online? Know What Is Not Covered


On busy Indian roads, the two-wheeler is a popular mode of transport as it allows for quick navigation on jam-packed roads.

When you purchase your brand new motorcycle, you are required to have it registered with the Regional Transport Authority or RTO. Similarly, you also need to purchase a 2 wheeler insurance plan.

But what is important to know is that unlike the RTO registration, which is a one-time activity, the bike insurance is a recurring engagement, usually requiring a renewal of your bike insurance every year. It is not compulsory for you to purchase the insurance policy from your dealer directly. You can research service providers on your own and get your bike insurance online or offline.

Why Do You Need to Have A Two Wheeler Insurance?

Apart from the fact that having two-wheeler insurance is mandatory as per law of the land, you also need to understand that having vehicle insurance provides you with financial coverage in the event of an accident. Moreover, driving your bike without having an active insurance policy will invite a hefty fine.

While you can opt for the very basic third party insurance coverage that only protects you from third-party liabilities, a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan includes all the features of third party insurance and then some more. You can conveniently purchase your comprehensive bike insurance online.

Scenarios That Your Two Wheeler Insurance Does Not Cover

The comprehensive policy comes with its list of coverage limitations too. So, before you go ahead and make the purchase, here is a list of instances that most two-wheeler policies will not protect you.

Let’s run through some of them.


Over-speeding is neither good for you, nor is it good for the rider on your bike or other vehicles or pedestrians on the road. Speeding over the limit may result in your vehicle colliding with other cars or bikes or even passers-by and property on the road. This can lead to damage to the bike, to yourself and possibly third party individuals or property.

Any insurance claim raised in this scenario will result in a rejection and you will have to personally bear all expenses of vehicle repair along with possible medical expenditures too.

Riding Without A Valid Licence:

Just like it is mandatory to have an active 2 wheeler insurance policy on you when you are driving on Indian road, similarly, it is necessary to have a valid driving license with you as well. However, in the event of an accident where you do not have your license with you, the insurance company will not entertain your claim request at all.

Therefore, expenses related to bike repair will have to be paid out of your pocket.

Riding Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs:

Driving your motorcycle on busy Indian roads requires you to be alert and focussed. However, you may choose to ignore this basic rule and drive your bike when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If your vehicle, unfortunately, is involved in some form of an accident during this time, and you file a claim for compensation, your insurance company will not accept it.

Riding Another Person’s Bike:

The insurance company will only secure you against the two wheeler that is registered under your name. However, if you choose to ride a friend’s motorcycle and damage it, there is little chance of the insurance company settling the claim raised.

This also holds true if an unauthorised individual is driving your vehicle and damages it in the process.

Injuries Caused Due to You Not Wearing A Helmet:

If you have been in an accident where you have not complied with the helmet regulation, the insurance company will not take any liability for the damage caused to you or the motorcycle. Since wearing a helmet had become a compulsory rule, not wearing one is a traffic violation.

It also gives your insurance company an opportunity not to compensate you for the damages caused in an accident occurring at this point.

Loss of Keys:

The insurance company will not cover you if there is a bike theft due to the fact that you misplaced the keys of your two wheeler or left it in the ignition.

Damage to Bike Due to War or Nuclear Attack:

Insurance claims made for damages or losses to your two wheelers as a result of riots, terrorist activities, acts of war, radioactive activities will not be settled by the insurance provider.

Electrical or Mechanical Failures:

Any damage or loss to your bike as a result of electrical or mechanical failure will not be honoured by the insurance company.

Vehicle Damaged or Stolen Outside India:

Your insurance policy generally is valid within the borders of India. However, if your two wheeler undergoes loss or damage or is stolen outside the boundaries, then the insurance company has the freedom to reject your claim for compensation.

Reduction in Value of Your Vehicle:

Any normal wear and tear and ageing of the bike resulting in damages or losses will not be covered by your comprehensive 2 wheeler insurance policy.

Additional Covers Available with Comprehensive Plans

Some of these exclusions can be mitigated by purchasing add-on covers with your comprehensive insurance policy. The benefits far outweigh the extra cost.

You can buy the additional cover along with your bike insurance online. Take a look at what is offered under a comprehensive insurance plan:

  • If there is two wheeler breakdowns in the middle of nowhere, having a roadside assistance add-on cover can come in really handy. You can request assistance from the nearest service station to have your vehicle towed.
  • There is an add-on cover available to cover the loss of your motorcycle, especially in case of theft.
  • Accessories that you may have installed in your two-wheeler can be covered by adding on a rider to enhance protection.

In spite of the restrictions, having a comprehensive 2 wheeler insurance policy can help in most situations where your vehicle suffers damage or loss, albeit if everything happens by the book. A little bit of that responsibility falls on your shoulders too such as riding within the speed limits, wearing a helmet or having your driving license with you at all time.

Having said this, it is also your responsibility to make sure that you read your policy document carefully and are fully aware of what situations are excluded from your claim list. Call your insurance provider in case of doubt. You can also read up on your document on bike insurance online

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