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Best Season To Visit US


Seasonal weather changes affect the northern states of USA quite differently from the southern states, which actually goes without saying given the sheer vastness of the country. Even the Atlantic east coast has quite a contrasting weather pattern compared to the Pacific west coast.  

Whether it is to enjoy the beaches of Florida or California, the Yellowstone and Grand Canyon national parks, iconic cities of New York, Chicago, Las Vegas or elegant Boston, if you are planning a trip to the US it would be a better idea to first zero in on the places you would like to go depending on your interests. Then figure out which is the best season to make the most of sightseeing, camping, hiking and other activities in those places. Note that the season you choose will also impact cost of accommodation, travel to and within the US and entry ticket prices at various attractions.

Summer season stretching from May until September is generally considered as peak tourist season when there is the maximum influx of visitors flocking to the US from all corners of the world.   

Spring (March - May)

Most parts of the US are simply beautiful to go touring during March to May thanks to sunny and mild days with pleasant weather. As the winter chill thaws and there is an abundance of greenery and a riot of colourful spring blossoms everywhere, spring becomes a great season to make a trip to the US.

What To See And Do: If you plan to visit places such as Chicago, the Great Lakes region, New England and other areas in the northern states, mid to late spring is a wonderful time of year to do so. This is also a good time to go south west and put a tick mark against the Grand Canyon on your USA sightseeing bucket list. Choose spring over summer to visit the southern states such as Florida. Places like Miami, Orlando and Walt Disney World Resort are best visited during March to May.

In case you are keen on soaking in a bit of American culture and traditions, there are a number of major events that take place in spring. Catch the Coachella music festival held in California in April or join the St. Patrick’s Day parade and street party in Chicago in mid March.   

Fall (September - November)

Between the peak summer season and the extreme winter, lies the comfortable shoulder season of autumn that usually lasts from September to early November. The fall hues of red and gold foliage lend a beautiful and unique charm to visiting the US in this season. If you avoid venturing extreme north, you are likely to encounter pleasant weather wherever you travel in USA during this time of year.

What To See And Do: Like spring, fall is also a good season to be outdoors in USA so all the hiking, camping, trekking and other outdoor activities you may have planned should be put into action now.

If you decide to visit USA during the fall you will also be in time to catch Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations and festivities that are a big deal in the US.

Check out our travel guide to know about the various national parks and key sightseeing attractions in the US, plus how to plan and budget for your vacation and other handy travel tips. Before you set out on your trip remember to get travel insurance for USA. Your travel insurance policy will be an important safeguard to cover any financial loss you may incur in adverse situations while travelling across the country, such as theft, accident, losing your luggage or misplacing important documents like your passport. Your insurance plan will kick in at such times to ensure that you are not stuck without backup while in the US. Having international travel insurance can actually save you a lot of money and hassle, leaving you free to enjoy and make the most of your visit to USA.

Whether it is the oven-fresh bagels in New York City, sink-your-teeth-in deep-dish pizzas in Chicago, authentic Mexican dishes such as tacos, fajitas and burritos in San Diego or creamy avocado served with a dash of lime on warm toast in California, every place is known for and retains its distinct culinary traditions. You should definitely try some of these lip-smacking dishes when you make a trip to the United States.

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