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Best Season To Visit Maldives


With its world class beaches, luxurious island resorts with overwater bungalows, wealth of rich and colourful marine life and coral reefs, and of course the thrill of many types of adventure water sports, the Maldives is a stunning vacation destination that promises to offer you one of the best beach holidays you could ever experience. 

Whether it is to live it up on a special occasion such as New Year’s Eve or to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with your loved ones, the charm of this exotic holiday destination attracts families and couples from all corners of the world looking to live out their idea of a perfect vacation.

While holidaying in the Maldives there is a variety of exciting water sports that you can try your hand at such as windsurfing, scuba diving, house reef snorkelling, flyboarding, fishing and water jet skiing. Hopping onto a jet ski and zipping across the ocean is also a great way to visit other nearby islands in the archipelago. The island nation is truly a must-visit place that will keep you mesmerised with its beauty and hospitality. Which leads us to the question, which is the best season to visit Maldives?

Seasons in Maldives

Maldives climate has a strong maritime influence being a tropical chain of nearly 1200 islands (of which 80 odd are the resort islands) located south west of India and Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean.

Because of its location seasonal weather changes are not very marked. So you can generally expect the weather to be warm and humid whichever time of year you chose to visit Maldives. The average annual temperature is usually around 26 to 27 degrees centigrade.     

Seasons in the Maldives are decided more by the amount of rainfall received or else the lack of it. While there are upsides and some downsides to visiting the islands in the dry or wet season, overall the dry and milder months of November to April are considered to be most favourable for planning a trip to the Maldives.


Best Season (November – April):

If you choose to visit Maldives between November and April, you will get to enjoy dry mild weather with the best of everything Maldives has to offer – pristine sandy sun-kissed beaches and exhilarating water sports. The warm reef waters are also teeming with fish during this time .

While this makes it a very good season to time your vacation to Maldives, do keep in mind that everyone else will be thinking on similar lines and heading the same way. Yes this is peak tourist season which makes Maldives that much more expensive a destination as airfare and hotel prices shoot up significantly so go prepared.

Wet Season (May – October):

This is the rainy season in Maldives which comes with its own pros and cons. If you like to stay dry and are happy to enjoy various indoor activities within the resort, then you may not mind the weather outside. Hotels and flights also tend be slightly cheaper during the months of May to October as it is considered to be the low season.

However for those keen on surfing this is a great time to visit Maldives. The strong winds and formation of ocean swells are just what surfers are looking for to spot and ride those perfectly formed big waves. 

Our Maldives travel guide can tell you more about other interesting activities for a memorable holiday in the Maldives, visa procedure, cultural events, shopping and such travel tips. An important point to note while planning and budgeting for your trip is to buy travel insurance for Maldives.

Travel insurance is a must when travelling overseas and especially to not-so-cheap vacation destinations such as Maldives. It is useful to cover you from any financial loss that you may face during your trip such as an accident while trying out an adventurous water sport or your luggage getting lost or misplaced in transit. You can check out international travel insurance policies online and buy the one that suits your requirements. 

While you are there don’t miss out on sampling some authentic local Maldivian dishes that best represent the food culture of these islands. Bis Keemiya, Mas huni, Saagu Bondibai and Boshi Mashuni are some of the delicious must-try Maldivian specialities.

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