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Best Season To Visit Croatia


Croatia is fast becoming a favourite European travel destination and with good reason. Situated on the opposite side of the Adriatic Sea facing Italy, this East European country promises all the natural beauty, lovely postcard-perfect quaint towns, parks, beaches, islands, stunning architecture and rich cultural heritage you would expect to see in Europe. To top it all Croatia is more affordable than many of the more popular places in Europe, making it an attractive choice for many budget-conscious travellers from around the world.   

Now that you know that Croatia should definitely be included in your travel bucket list for 2020, you just need to figure out which time of year is best to visit this beautiful country. So let us give you a rundown of Croatia’s climate and tourist-friendly seasons so you can decide which season works best for you to plan your trip.

Climate in Croatia

Croatia gives you the feel of a proper Mediterranean climate, with sun-kissed clear bright days and mild weather with not much of rain. It is quite similar to Italy, Greece and the south of France, just not quite so elite.

The exception would be the inland and northern regions bordering Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina which have more of a temperate climate with extreme winters and summers. Whichever season you choose to visit Croatia will also depend on peak or low season, tourist crowds, flight and accommodation cost and your activity preference.

When To Visit Coastal Croatia:

Spring and summer are the best time of year to hit the fantastic beaches and islands along Croatia’s Adriatic Sea coastline. If you are keen on spending time in coastal cities of Split and Dubrovnik or enjoying the idyllic beaches along the Hvar, Korcula and Dalmatian Islands, you will be assured of warm sunny days and ideal temperatures for a swim or dive. Even early autumn can be a good time to go for a beach holiday to Croatia, although the sun will be much milder and the beach sands not too hot, which can be a good thing actually.

Music festivals and golden sandy beaches are a winning combination. Check out the ULTRA Music Festival held in the summer if you are in the coastal city Split.

You need to keep in mind though that the summer months of June, July and August are the high season which attract the maximum number of visitors to the pristine beaches, clear blue sea waters and limestone cliffs of coastal Croatia.

When To Visit Northern Croatia:

If you seek adventure and thrill of the great outdoors, inland Croatia has many amazing national parks including the most well-known Plitvice Lakes National Park, a two-hour drive from the capital Zagreb. To enjoy the jaw-dropping scenic beauty of this region and go for long walks exploring the spectacular lakes, canyons and waterfalls, you should go when it is less crowded in the summer. Summer is when the peak season crowds throng the Mediterranean coast of Croatia during July and August, leaving the inland areas relatively quiet and serene. 

March to mid-May is also a good season to explore Zagreb and other northern cities as well as follow beautiful forest trails, go cycling, zip lining, trekking and rock climbing. Since this is spring time the weather is mild. Also it is just before the onset of the main tourist season, which means less crowds and cheaper accommodation.  

Due to its affordability, accessible location, dependable infrastructure, historical and cultural hotspots and safe reputation, Croatia can also be an ideal choice for a solo trip. While it goes without saying that one should always be cautious, stay alert and take care of one’s belongings when travelling overseas, it is best not to leave anything to chance. Getting international travel insurance should be an essential part of planning and preparing for your trip to Croatia. This is because your travel insurance policy can act as an important safeguard in case of a mishap or emergency that you may face such as an accident, sudden illness, losing your luggage or passport or even if your trip itself gets cancelled. Buying travel insurance for Croatia is essential to secure your trip financially, so do ensure you don’t leave home without it.

Make the most of your vacation to Croatia and don’t miss out on savouring authentic local dishes while you are there. You should definitely try delicious black seafood risotto and fresh handmade pasta called fuzi that is served with white truffles and butter. And the best way to wash it all down is with a glass of good wine from the Istria wine-growing region of Croatia.  

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