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Best Season To Visit China


Given the sheer size of China, the climate and weather patterns naturally vary from region to region with extremes of sub-zero temperatures to scorching summer heat. The vastness of the country also implies that it can be quite a task to try and cover the whole country in one trip. If you are planning a trip to China it would be much better to first decide which places you would like to cover depending on your interests. Then check out what is the best season to visit those places.

Spring and autumn are the popular tourist seasons due to very agreeable weather and therefore witness the maximum influx of foreign visitors to China.   

Spring (April - May)

A good time to visit China is before the onset of the summer heat and humidity. Spring is a pretty season to be in China when nature is at its best with a variety of flowers in full bloom everywhere. The weather at this time of year tends to be mild and cool with temperatures ranging between 10 to 23 degrees centigrade.

What To See And Do: The northern provinces of China experience dry weather during the spring season of April and May. Make your way to Beijing to get your fill of big city glitz and glamour and cultural attractions like the Forbidden City palace complex. Enjoy nightlife in Shanghai then head to Xian to marvel at the terracotta army sculptures. There is plenty to see and do in China during spring season.

At the same time if you move down south towards the coast you are likely to encounter wet weather with mist and rains. A bit of rain need not be a bad thing though as the scenic beauty of areas like the Yellow Mountains, Yunnan and Guilin region are enhanced in springtime.   

Autumn (September - October)

Weather-wise September to October is considered the best time to visit China. Along with changing colours of the leaves painting landscapes with autumn hues of red and gold, autumn is the season when you can catch the most pleasant weather in China – dry clear days with temperatures averaging 15 to 27 degrees centigrade.

What To See And Do: Autumn is the ideal season to be outdoors in China so all the hiking, trekking and other outdoor activity plans you have should be put into motion now. Walk a few kilometers along the length of the Great Wall and make a trip to picturesque Xinjiang. With dry cool weather the autumn months of September and October are the preferred season to visit China.            

It is best to avoid visiting China during the first week of May (Labour Day holiday), first week of October (Chinese National Day holiday) and end January until mid-Feb (Chinese New Year or Spring Festival holiday). These holiday weeks lead to a big surge in prices and crowds.

Check out our travel guide to know about key sightseeing attractions in China, plus how to plan and budget for your vacation and other handy travel tips. Before you set out on your trip remember to get travel insurance for China. Your travel insurance policy will be an important safeguard to cover any financial loss you may incur in adverse situations while travelling in China, such as theft, accident, losing your luggage or misplacing important documents like your passport. Your insurance plan will kick in at such times to ensure that you are not stuck without backup in a foreign country. Having international travel insurance can actually save you a lot of money and hassle, leaving you free to enjoy and make the most of your visit to China.

Chinese food lovers visiting The Land Of The Dragon should definitely try the authentic version of China’s most famous dishes that are so popular world over. Chinese street food is one of the most popular in the world and the amount of variety that you will find in Chinese street food is quite frankly hard to beat. While in China do try some of the authentic and delicious street foods like crepes, dumplings and spicy Sichuan hotpot.

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