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5 Best Meals You Must Try At These International Destinations


One thing that cheers us all up despite all odds is food! In most of our festivals and celebrations, food plays a vital role; it brings everyone together. With the sudden boost in globalization, India has been introduced to various delicacies that are readily available for cheap. However, if you want to taste authentic food, you must visit the countries where they have originated from.

Travel is incomplete without you gaining a few kilos from trying new foods from the destination you went to. It’s not necessary that you try foods from exquisite restaurants, even street food and native home-cooked meals are an explosion of flavors. Hence, cancel the fancy restaurant booking and hit the streets to taste the real and authentic flavors of your holiday destination.

Some destinations are known more than others because of their scenery, culture, shopping, and food. If you are a foodie and wish to try new foods to broaden your food pallet, you should travel to these international destinations for a gastronomical delight!

Switzerland: Cheese Fondue

If you love cheese, this is just the thing for you! You’d have heard about dipping stuff like fruits and marshmallow in chocolate; however, this dish involves cheese. Cheese fondue is a simple yet delicious dish that originated in Switzerland – to beat the cold. It is ultimate comfort food and the cheese can be devoured with French bread, fresh vegetables or crackers; the possibilities are endless with this one. You can sit back and enjoy the glory of the Alps while enjoying warm fondue.

Canada: Poutine

The Canadians love this dish, and it is a wonderful concoction of French fries, cheese curd, and gravy. What’s there not to love? Poutine originated in Quebec, but the whole of Canada has welcomed it with open arms. You’ll often find Canadians gorging on this dish with a pint of beer and good company to share poutine with. Canada is also a great place to enjoy the Niagara and various other scenery.

Ukraine: Salo and Gorilka

The Ukrainians love their Salo – cold and white pork fat. This delicacy isn’t hard to find as it is Ukraine's national dish, hence you can easily find it anywhere in the country. It is best served with onion, garlic or pickles and washed with Gorlika, a local vodka. Now that’s a way to have Salo! You can also have Salo on the go while exploring the various churches and hiking the forested mountains.

Japan: Ramen

We've all had ramen in a Styrofoam cup by adding warm water, it has been a college favorite for many. However, the Japanese tend to take their Ramen quite seriously, and each region in Japan has their style of preparing this delicacy. Ramen is made with broth, soy sauce or miso, the toppings can range from corn, seaweed, eggs, and more. You can also try their ancient tea ceremony and feel a sense of bliss takeover you or visit the cherry blossom trees for the best picturesque scenery.

Tamales: Mexico

This corn-based dough stuffed with spices and meat and is steamed in a corn husk and or banana leaf. Every Mexican house has its own unique way of making it, every type is delicious! You can also find various other delicious dishes like authentic tacos and burritos to gorge on while you explore the culture-full city of Mexico.

You are sure to gain a kilo or two after your travel to your international destination; make sure to get the recipe as most of them are easy to make. You will feel like you are back for a moment or two whenever you’ll prepare the dish. We’re sure that you’re already dreaming of these international destinations and thinking of all the flavorful foods you’d be eating. However, don’t let anything stop you from eating good food and putting your travel plans to a halt with us at Bharti AXA GI . Make sure that you insure your trip with our Smart Travel Insurance Plan and we ensure that you have nothing to worry about. With travel insurance plan, you can travel with ease and devour the most delicious foods!

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