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Best hybrid and electric cars in India 2019


Hybrid cars are the cars for the future. Not only are they cleaner than current cars, but they now have a better design than most cars as well. Though electric and hybrid cars are yet to sink in the Indian Auto Market, people are eager to get their hands-on it. Most of these cars stand out due to distinguished and new features and not to forget, boosted performance. Well, let’s check out some top models among hybrid and electric cars, and how car insurance helps you:

Some Best Hybrid & Electric Cars in India 2019

1.Mahindra e-Verito

Mahindra is now integrating electric technology in almost every future car. The Verito sedan is the perfect combination of electric and conventional cars.

2.Mahindra e20 Plus

Mahindra is now integrating electric technology in almost every future car. The Verito sedan is the perfect combination of electric and conventional cars. It is based on the concept of green technology. Equipped with 72V 3-Phase AC Induction Motor, the model can run up to 110 kms in a single charge. E- Verito has 3 variants namely, D2, D4, and D6 respectively. As of now, the model is available in selected cities only like Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, etc. It offers power-packed performance hence making it worthy of every penny. Ex-Showroom Price starting from ₹9.5 lakhs.

3.BMW i8

The BMW i8 is not just an electric-hybrid car. It is a sports car that has an all-electric range of 37 km, with 0-100 kmph ability in less than 4.5 seconds. Launched in 2018, BMW i8 is based on the i8 Spyder Concept. It has a twin power turbo inline 3- cylinder engine as claimed by the company and gives the mileage up to 47.45 kmpl which boosts the overall performance of the car. Elegant colors like Sophisto Grey Brilliant Effect, Ionic Silver, Protonic Blue, and Crystal White Pearl Effect are available for all the variants. The car is selectively available in India. Ex-Showroom Price starting from ₹2.1 crores.

4.Volvo XC90 T8

It is the first hybrid SUV across Indian soils when launched. The most distinguishing features of the car include individual electronically-adjustable reclining rear seats with massage & ventilation functions. Furthermore, the car also offers to increase legroom with footrests. Additionally, the car also has ambient lighting and illuminated storage in addition to a regal

5.Lexus LS500h

Lexus is ever-present in luxury segments. It recently launched a range of hybrid cars in various segments. The cars were under ES (mid-size sedan), LS (full-size sedan), RX (mid-size crossover), and NX (compact SUV) categories. It comes in two variants namely, Luxury and Ultra Luxury. The model is designed to provide a comfortable and enthralling ride and is well equipped with Mark Levinson Qli Reference Sound System, LED turn signals, Retractable Ottoman, Adjustable Power Sunshade. The captivating Kiriko Ornamentation interior is truly mesmerizing. Ex-Showroom Price starting from ₹1.8 crores

6.Hyundai Kona

It is the first electric SUV to zoom under the Indian skies. It will go on sale in 15 top cities in India. The Kona has a torque of 325 kms. It takes anywhere between 6-9 hours to be completely charged.

7.Toyota Camry

Toyota is hailed as the pioneer for hybrid technology in cars. The Camry sedan by Toyota has enjoyed spectacular success elsewhere in the world. It is now poised to enter the Indian market.

Bharti AXA Car Insurance Policy for Every Car

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