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Best Car Insurance Policy in India 2020


The best car insurance policy is the one that gives the maximum cover for an affordable premium. Going for a policy that has the lowest premium and ignoring all other factors is not something ideal and won’t help you avail the best benefits. Choosing the right plan and policy requires a proper understanding of all the available options. One needs to compare between different companies and policies and only after that, decide what is best.

It is not a very easy process, so here is the process to help you select the best car insurance policy, based on the updates of the year.

Comprehensive car insurance policy is the best among all when it comes to availing the most benefits. It offers complete protection against the damages to your car due to an accident or a road mishap. This plan is called a comprehensive plan because it provides coverage for the damages to your car, third-party legal liability, theft, along with the personal accident coverage

You can choose from some of the best available insurance companies. This requires research and comparison. You need to understand all the factors related to the policy and then compare it with the likes of it in the market. You can make it a lot easier by using the online premium calculator wherein you just have to fill in some details and you get an instant quote based on the name, model, year, etc. of the vehicle.

Certain factors affect the premium price of car insurance, like the following

  1. Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle
  2. Model, type, and age of the vehicle
  3. Engine capacity of the vehicle
  4. Age and gender of owner/driver
  5. Geographical zone
  6. Profession of owner
  7. Voluntary deductible
  8. No-claim Bonus, etc.

In order to reduce your premium and avail more benefits, you can choose amongst the add-ons offered. Some of the best add-on covers include Zero Depreciation Cover, No-Claim Bonus, Engine Protection Cover, Roadside Assistance Cover, Consumables Cover, etc. Choosing the right combination of add-ons will give you the best plan.

Other important things to keep in mind are

  • Become a member of the Automobile Association of India (AAI) and by installing anti-theft and locking devices in your car.
  • Ensure that the IDV of your vehicle is judged correctly before the policy is issued. This will not only ensure that you are being charged the right premium but will also guarantee a hassle-free claim process.
  • Select your vehicle carefully based on your needs. Don’t buy an SUV if you are commuting less than 50kms a month. Remember, the showroom price and CC of your car also add to the premium amount.
  • Drop any unnecessary add-on covers, which will otherwise increase your premium costs.

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