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Best Beaches To Visit On Your Trip To Australia


Australia is blessed with a stunning coastline that forms a significant portion of the country. Thanks to this, that it also has many gorgeous sandy beaches, which make it a perfect holiday destination.

So, if you are planning to travel to Australia any time soon, then visit the best beaches there to get a near perfect experience. Some of these beaches are as follows-

  • Cable Beach, Broome

This 22 km long sandy beach is a beautiful gem in Western Australia. The beauty of the blue waters here is perfectly complimented with the backdrop of red hills. If you’re visiting during the migration season, you will also be delighted to see whales and dolphins frolicking in the waters. You can also enjoy a camel ride here along the shore for added fun.

When here, also take out time to visit its southern end to see the Gantheaume Point, where you can witness footprints of a 130-year old dinosaur, at low tide.  

  • Bells Beach, Victoria

If you love the idea of surfing, then Bells Beach is the place for you. With its vast swell and robust turf, it is also the place for annual Rip Curl Pro surfing competition.

The high cliffs surrounding it add a touch of drama to its scenic beauty and offer a visual treat to those looking for some quiet relaxation. So, let this beach make you lose yourself in its soothing vibes.

  • Burleigh Heads Beach, Gold Coast

Burleigh Heads is a pristine and beautiful beach in the city of Gold Coast. Despite running alongside a busy highway, yet it preserves its beauty well, offering visitors the sight of glimmering waters and clean sand.

Along with good surfing conditions, it also offers a great place to indulge in swimming. Moreover, the surrounding parkland area is a good picnic spot where you can witness sea eagles, brush turkey, and dolphin pods. Further, the fragrant pine trees in the area make your senses come alive, and the art and craft markets in proximity can make the shopper in you rejoice.

  • Turquoise Bay, Exmouth

Another alluring beach in Western Australia is Turquoise Bay, which is a perfect place to spend a pleasant afternoon enjoying water sports. However, currents can be a little too strong here, so it is essential to be careful here.

Its stunning reef and snorkeling opportunities make it a sought-after beach in the country.  Also, taking to the water, you’ll spot fascinating creatures like anemone fish, colorful parrotfish, moon wrasse, starfish, and reef sharks. Moreover, the currents here will take you towards the exquisite Ningaloo reef, which leaves anyone enchanted with its mere sight. So, when in Australia, do drop by at this beautiful beach.

  • Bondi Beach, Sydney

Bondi beach is an iconic beach which offers the typical sight of sunbathers, swimmers, and walkers, giving it a thriving atmosphere. Home to the first ever Surf Life Saving Club in the world, which was founded 100 years ago, this place is lively and fun for travelers especially.

Moreover, its close vicinity to the center of Sydney makes it an even more popular spot that is on every traveler's list of places to see, when in the city.

When planning your Australian trip, don’t just prepare for adventure and fun, also think about keeping your travel plans well secured. For this purpose, buy Australia travel insurance, that can cover you against many challenges. Travel insurance policy is a good travel partner that will ensure that you can enjoy your trip, by keeping many worries off your mind.

So, have the best time on Australian beaches, but also remember to stay secure! While on your Australian adventure, don’t forget exploring the food culture of Australia.

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