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Benefits Of Key Replacement Add On Cover In Car Insurance


Car insurance is something that car owners purchase along with their car. This will help them mitigate the loss caused due to unforeseen contingencies. Furthermore, this will also help the person behind the wheels to drive safely and with confidence. While almost everyone knows that the insurance companies provide a cover for your car, most of the people seldom ask about key replacement insurance -an add on car insurance.

What is a key replacement add on cover on car insurance?

Till recently, a locksmith would help you to get a duplicate key for your cars, especially for older models. Imagine you have been to a customer's place for a meeting, and you forget the keys there. No big deal! Your locksmith's duplicate key would open the car door. Off late, all the keys have an encrypted lock number for the car keys.  It is impossible to make a duplicate one. You are left with no choice but to rush to the nearest service centre to get a key to open your car. This is a strenuous and tedious process.

To tide through the difficult times better, ask your insurance provider for a key replacement add insurance when you buy an insurance cover for your car. You have to pay an extra cost to get this cover. It will save you from paying a hefty bill if you lose your car keys. When you conceive the idea to get car insurance, research a little to find out the insurance providers who provide car key replacement insurance along with the policy. There are not many insurance companies that provide this add on to the car insurance.

When you approach an insurance company for automobile insurance, ask them in detail about the car key replacement insurance add on and its charges. If you are searching for information online, you can use an insurance aggregator that displays much information on a single page. It will show you the add on the cover charge for various companies in one place.

 Even though it is bad to be forgetful, your insurance company will help you in case you lose your keys. You have to bear in mind that there is a limit to the number of times they will replace your key. After that, you will pay for the expenses out of your pocket. Is it possible for you to pay Rs 8,000 every time you lose your car keys?

Benefits of key replacement add on cover for car insurance?

1. Reimbursement for making duplicate key: You lose your car key and don't know where you lost it. The key slips off your pocket, and you are distressed because you can't find it. You need some time before you can approach the nearest car service station. This is what the key replacement insurance takes care of.

If you want to approach a locksmith to get a duplicate key for your car, key replacement insurance add on the cover will help you to get back all the expenses you incurred. The coverage will cost you up to the maximum of Rs.499 for a policy of Rs.20,000. For Rs. 500 you can get a duplicate key. You can claim reimbursement for this expense as well.

2. Reimbursement for a rental car: Imagine a situation when you use a car key operated with a key frequency operated button, it will take more time to open the car. In such a case, you will rent a car to go to your office. This key replacement insurance to the policy will give back the amount you paid for your taxi.

3. Get back the labour cost of lock replacement: There are car insurance companies that reimburse the cost of the lock and the key. Some others will only cover the labour cost for replacement of the lock. Ask your insurance provider in detail about the cost covered in the policy.

4. Reimburse for lockout: When it takes more time to find a locksmith, some insurance companies provide the cost incurred in finding out a locksmith.

 In short, a very few automobile insurance company in India provides car key replacement insurance add on the cover along with car insurance policy. When you approach an insurance provider, ask about the key replacement insurance to cover expenses you incur as a result of the loss of car keys. Discuss in detail the cost of adding car key replacement insurance to your automobile insurance.

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