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International holidays are a fad these days, and everyone wants to hop on a plane that takes them to a destination unseen. However, planning an international holiday on the last minute can dampen your excitement, and leave you panting just before taking off. Therefore, you need to plan well-in-advance and fulfil a few responsibilities to ensure you and your family have a safe, secure and enjoyable trip.

Here is a list of five responsibilities that you should fulfil before you travel abroad:

Set a Travel Budget

Budget is one of the most important decisions you need to make even before you decide the destination. Once you decide your budget, it will be easier for you to decide on the destination – near or far, and the cost of the round trip flight tickets. Also, you need to consider the costing of hotel booking, meals, transportation, excursions, and shopping. You will be able to manage the expenses better if you decide your holiday in advance because booking flights and hotels at the last minute will cost you a bomb. Also, travelling during an offseason will make a lot of difference, helping you to save a lot on hotels and shopping expenses. Hence, maintain a budget before and during your travel to save yourself from unnecessary stress and cash crunch.

Buy a Travel Insurance Policy

You will be proactively suggested to purchase a travel insurance policy by your travel agent. If not, you can initiate the process to buy travel insurance policy online, from the comfort of your home or office. It protects you from various circumstances that are uncalled for in a foreign land; it covers:

  • Medical emergency,
  • Baggage mishandling or misplacing,
  • Robbery or theft,
  • Travel delays or cancellations,
  • Similar other contingencies.

At a point, where you have limited access to foreign currency and other resources, travel insurance becomes crucial.

Travel Documents

Traveling abroad is very different from travelling in your own country. It requires a lot of paperwork and submission of documents before and during the travel; your passport being the most crucial of all. Hence, ensure you carry your passport at all times during your holiday. Also, ensure that your passport is valid or it may create trouble for you. Make multiple copies of various identity proofs and other documents, and keep it at your reach. In times of high technology, you can even scan or click photos of important documents and save it on your phone as a back-up, in case you lose the hard copy.

Take Insurance for your House in case of Long Trips

In case you are visiting your family in the US or UK or elsewhere, and you plan to stay there for a longer duration, you can opt for home insurance. Leaving your house unattended for long can put it at risk of theft or burglary. Home insurance will safeguard you against the theft by compensating for the loss caused by a natural calamity or man-made disaster. So, it is vital to get your house covered during a long overseas vacation.

Carry Forex Card

Carrying cash in a foreign country may be risky. You can opt for the Forex cards offered by various banks and financial companies. You have the facility to get it recharged by the currency of the country you are travelling to. Moreover, it does not levy any extra charge, unlike debit and credit cards.

Best Travel Insurance Plans by Bharti AXA

A travel insurance policy is specially designed for travellers or tourists who want to travel to another country for a short duration with safety and security. Bharti AXA allows you to customize your travel insurance plans based on the nature of your trips. Therefore, you can enjoy your trip to the fullest without worries.

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