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Most Beautiful International Wedding Destinations


The wedding is the most important day for all of us, and we all want to make the most cherished memories of it. The only thing that keeps on with you forever is the pictures of your D-day. In order to make these pictures the best, you might be looking for the best international wedding destination. Also, do not forget to get travel insurance to be sure about the safety of the entire trip. Worry no more, here, we have listed the most beautiful international wedding destinations to help you shortlist your D-day destination easily.


Located at the foot of Mount Atlas, Selman Marrakesh is the most beautiful wedding destination. For those who are looking for traditional aesthetics and values of Morocco along with a luxurious wedding, this can be the most appropriate wedding destination. Bring your guests to a magical world of fairy tale where white horses run across the gardens. Make your dream wedding a reality with Selman Marrakesh. This might be decidedly less explored, but the beauty of this city will surely leave you with aw.


Paris has always been a symbol of love. Those who are seeking to make their wedding an extraordinary event, France's capital is the most appropriate wedding destination. The magnificent architecture, breath-taking lush gardens, the Eiffel Tower makes Paris a perfect place to host your wedding. The city is so beautiful that whether you choose daylight to plan the functions or think of a night-time event, you will end up having an astounding experience on your D-day. Paris is timeless and can be your favourite wedding destination.


Spain can be a unique and fantabulous destination for your wedding. Spain never fails to amaze anyone. Whether you are a natural beauty lover or an excellent architecture lover, Spain is the destination for everyone. Barcelona city is the symbol of surrealism and modernism to let you experience your wedding in a modern way. The provincial palaces and their super amazing beauty are your styles, then Madrid is the most beautiful destination for you. If you are a wanderer of southern Spain, Cities like Granada, Seville are the destinations for you. Do not forget to learn Salsa to enhance your reception in a grand and Spanish manner.

Once done with selecting the best city for you, make sure you buy the travel insurance for all your guests. Bharti AXA GI offers a variety of products for travel insurance to let you experience an unforgettable wedding.

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