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Beaches To Visit On Your Trip To Saudi Arabia


Spending time chilling on a beach and sampling some authentic Saudi dishes is probably not something you would think of if you are planning a vacation in Saudi Arabia.  

So you may be surprised to discover that the Kingdom has some of the finest beaches in the world thanks to its long coastline along the Red Sea and Persian Gulf.   

Whether you keen on swimming, water sports, diving or prefer to simply relax and enjoy a quiet time on the beach, you will find both public and private beaches that are clean and safe and offer fabulous facilities you can enjoy as a tourist. Get ready to discover a completely different side of Saudi Arabia!

Top 5 Public Beaches in Saudi Arabia

Al Fanateer Beach, Jubail

You will find plenty of locals and tourists enjoying a day out with family and friends at Al Fanateer beach. Beautifully laid walking paths and charming boat rides make it one of the more popular public beaches, located in the city of Al Jubail.  

By the way, the Fanateer Mall close to the beach is great for some retail therapy after a leisurely stroll on the beach.

Farasan Al Kabir Beach

If you are a diving enthusiast come to the Farasan Islands. A diver’s paradise, here you will find some of the best and most spectacular diving spots in the world. Farasan Al Kabir is the largest island and easiest to reach. Walking along the beach you get a stunning view of the cobalt blue waters and other scattered islands.


Half Moon Beach, Al Khobar

Located along the eastern coast in the Persian Gulf, Half Moon beach is a breathtakingly scenic beach that gets its name from its crescent or half-moon shape. It is a fairly large public beach where you can swim, sun bathe or take a ride on a beach buggy. If you are travelling with kids, you can take them to the kids play area and amusement park.


Haql Beach, Gulf of Aqaba

Haql is one of those quiet unspoilt beaches where you go to reconnect with yourself while surrendering to nature’s unparalleled beauty. Marvel at the pristine sands and clear blue waters of the Gulf of Aqaba at the northern tip of the Red Sea. What makes this beach really special is the rich coral life you can see along with fellow divers.


Umluj Beach

A short boat ride from Umluj city will take you to an island where you can explore virgin white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters with hardly any visitors disturbing the peace and calm since not many people know of this gem. Perfect if you want to avoid the crowded public beaches.


Private Beach Resorts in Saudi Arabia

If you prefer exclusive me-time and prefer to unwind at a private beach instead, then Jeddah is the place for you. It has some of the best private beach resorts where you can indulge your senses. Check out Durrat Al Arous, Bhadur Resort and OIA Resort.



The private beach experience will of course be costly and it is better to book in advance. While the strict Saudi social rules are relaxed at private beaches, you are expected to cover up and be modestly dressed at the public beaches.

Before you go on a vacation to Saudi Arabia make sure to properly plan your trip – apply for the Saudi Arabia Visa well in time, purchase travel insurance and find out a bit about the people and customs. And before you travel, make sure you double-check and don’t leave home without all your important documents like passport, currency and overseas travel insurance.

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