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Basic Four wheeler Maintenance Tips


People purchase four-wheeler depending on their requirement and finances but may not know how to maintain the car to keep it last longer and avoid extra expenses. There are various things you should take care of your precious four-wheeler, buying car insurance always tops the list. This article will bring up certain basic four-wheeler maintenance tips which can help you keep your car healthy.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance is bought to cover finances in case of accidents or mishaps. When buying a car, the first step you take must be to buy your car insurance. Car insurance policies differ respectively to various companies. Selecting the right policy and securing your dream car with car insurance is one of the must-do things.

Drive Carefully

New car? Do not drive in a hurry at all. In the beginning, always take care of few things like when in the traffic signal, keep the gear in neutral, do not accelerate at the startup, go slowly for few minutes to avoid the damage to your engine. Always avoid quick start, stops and turns to maintain the health of your car engine.

Change Engine Oil

Engine oil, a material that plays a vital role in keeping your car healthy. The engine oil gets the dirt and metal particles at times when used for more extended period. Using this dusted engine oil can damage your engine and hurt the overall performance of the car. Therefore, it is necessary to change the engine oil periodically. Every car company will offer a guide in the owner manual for refilling the engine oil.

Manage the Engine Coolant

Coolant in the engine maintains the temperature at a safe level, hence it is mandatory to change the fluids at a regular interval. It is responsible for keeping the engine from melting from excessive heat while being used. Keep checking the coolant at a regular interval to stay away from the dangers it can cause.

Check Engine’s Air Filter

The air filter in the engine is also an important component that requires a maintenance schedule and will entirely depend on the manufacturer’s owner manual. Driving in harsh situations such as dirty and bumpy roads can clog up your air filters quickly. Therefore, you need to change the air filter in the engine quite often.

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