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Automatic Cars: Most Comfortable Option In Heavy Traffic


When you are driving in heavy traffic, to your workplace and back home in your car – you think about the vast difference in driving a vehicle with automatic versus manual transmission. Driving a vehicle with the different kinds of transmission makes a huge difference and they have their pros and cons.

So firstly, What is a Manual Car and what is an Automatic Car?

A manual car has a gear stick and clutch plate, by which you can control the degree of momentum in the car. You start in the first gear and move upwards depending on how much space you have ahead and at what speed your car can travel. Of course, if you are driving in heavy traffic, you are pretty much stuck starting, stopping, and driving your car in the second gear. To change the gears you have to press the clutch plate and then shift the gear stick.

Automatic cars come equipped with a part known as the torque converter, and the car adjusts and changes gears automatically depending on the speed at which the car is travelling. You don’t need to do this yourself, and can simply put the car in drive mode and only change the mode for going forwards or backwards or press the brake to stop. Automatic cars do not even have a clutch plate – as it is not needed.

What does driving in heavy traffic entail:

Driving in heavy traffic is both mentally and physically tiring. It requires you to drive extremely slowly and stop your car often. When driving in traffic in a manual car - you have to constantly press the clutch plate to change gears from neutral to first to second gears. In an automatic car while driving in traffic is still boring, the physical tedium and exhaustion are less – as the driver does not need about the car stopping or changing gears as the car slows over and over again.

So what are the pros of an automatic car over manual in heavy traffic:


  • An automatic car is easier to drive and after putting it in drive mode, you can simply drive without worrying about the gear the car is in.
  • The driving and riding experience in an automatic car is smoother than a manual. There are no jerks as you shift the gears of the car repeatedly.
  • In heavy traffic areas, you can concentrate on getting the best routes and navigation and road safety than think about the gears and changing them.
  • Automatic variants used to be much more expensive than manual but the cost differential is decreasing.
  • It may feel monotonous to drive an automatic car if you are used to a manual – but it is certainly less effort and thought.
  • Automatics are now fitted with dual-clutch technology that has made them almost as quick as a manual, but in responsiveness to a good driver, the manual cars have an edge. Your driving skills, however, do not come into play in heavy congested areas and traffic.
  • In traffic, an automatic car is unlikely to stall unless there is a mechanical issue. Manual cars will stall if the speed of the car is too low for the gear it is in.
  • New developments have made automatic cars more fuel-efficient especially in traffic conditions.

Manual cars generate a pleasure of driving for the automobile enthusiast over long distances and clear roads. They provide definite control over the car and responsiveness to the drivers’ actions. In heavy traffic, however, if you are comfortable with an automatic, you will get to your destination with considerably less tired legs and a fresher mind.

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