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Are Adventure Activities Covered in your Travel Insurance Plan?


A regular international trip with sightseeing is reserved for the families. Most of the wanderlusts and travel junkies prefer to go on adventure trips – hiking, mountaineers, bungee jumping or river rafting, push their limits and add some excitement to the mundane lives. However, while opting for travel insurance, you need to check if the adventure activities are covered in your travel insurance plan.

What to Check for in your Travel Insurance Plans?

It is essential to check the terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy in general, and adventure activities in particular. Most of us focus on the premium and the coverage, without paying heed to the fine print, and checking what all does it include. If you are specifically planning to attempt adventure activities, check with your insurance provider if they cover the adventure activities in the policy, if yes, which all activities do they cover.

Often, insurance companies can deny claims in certain situations or accidents during adventure activities calling it hazardous. This may vary from company to company. Hence, it is important to go through the policy and it exclusions in detail.

Claim for Adventure Activities

Travelling just for adventure activities is becoming a trend among avid travellers. Hence, many companies have started including adventure activities in their travel insurance. It means that they will compensate for the damage in case of mishap during adventure activities. However, the inclusion of adventure activities varies according to the insurance provider. Also, a lot depends on the severity or seriousness of the damage.

Travelling to Cape Town for bungee jumping or skydiving in New Zealand may sound exotic. However, adventure travellers may want to crosscheck the facts with their insurance provider if they provide the coverage for the same. Most insurance does not cover adventure activities like bungee jumping, paragliding, mountain climbing, racing etc., while others cover it as an add-on for international trips. Therefore, you need to opt for policies that specifically cater to adventure travel.

Only a few insurance companies cover adventure activities. However, they do this at a relatively higher premium, depending upon the activities that you wish to attempt. Most insurers don’t cover adventure travel if your itinerary includes high-risk activities which could put your life in danger.

Since there are limited options available in India, you can even opt for insurance covers available abroad. Hence, while taking an international holiday, you can consider and compare the alternatives there. For this, you can take a cue from the sports organization you may have enrolled at. At the same time, if you are going to try only one kind of adventure sport, a standalone cover would suffice.

So, if you are planning to take an adventure holiday soon, go through the terms and conditions of the insurance policies here and abroad, and pick the best one for you. You can clear all your queries involving claims at Bharti AXA . Regardless of whether you think your query is trivial or what time of the day it is, you can reach out to the customer service at Bharti AXA for assistance.

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