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5 Amazing Tips To Follow For Third Party Car Insurance Policy


Car insurance is imperative, and you will be liable for a penalty if you drive without a valid insurance policy. Besides, an insurance policy will be helpful if you were to be involved in an accident. However, as the name suggests, a third-party car insurance policy will pay for vehicle damages, physical injury, and property damages of the third party only.

The prices of third-party car insurance are fixed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). So, all insurance providers will offer the same premium for your third-party car insurance. However, by taking care of a few minor aspects and using the following tips, you can get a good third-party insurance policy. 

No-Claim Bonus

Even though premiums for third party car insurance are fixed by IRDAI, companies can and do offer no-claim bonuses. You can earn bonus on your renewal premium if you do not make any claims in the existing year. However, this is only applicable on the Own-Damage component of the policy and not the Third-party policy rate. So, the trick is not to claim compensation for minor repairs and get a bigger discount on the premium.

Make Changes In Your Car

Securing your car by installing a tracking device, immobiliser, and theft alarm can help you bring down the premium. Installing safety features such as ABS shows that you are concerned about your safety and that of others. It is a good practice to follow, which will help in keeping your car safe and ensure that you retain the no-claim bonus.


Even though it is a third-party insurance cover is purchased for its affordability, companies do offer add-ons that allow you to get a few added risks cover at additional cost. You can purchase a personal accident cover for the driver and the co-passenger. This is ideal for anyone who does not have a personal accident cover. Given that third-party insurance does not cover your car, there are a limited number of add-ons that you can add to your original policy.

Compare And Buy Online

Using these tips, you can get the best value for your money with an affordable and effective third-party car insurance policy. These days due to technological advancement, you can buy car insurance online. The best thing about buying car insurance online is that you can compare your options and buy the policy that suits your budget.


Read the policy document

It is imperative that you read the Third-party policy document carefully for all the included features, terms, conditions, guidelines, and procedures. Buying your third-party insurance online ensures that you get all the policy-related details at one place with the click of a button. Keeping a track of the details and guidelines facilitates a secured insurance and a seamless claim process.

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