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Advantages Of Taking Student Travel Insurance


Studying abroad can be a fantastic experience. You get to learn in a fabulous campus, enjoy a great student life and get a degree that enhances your career prospects manifold. However, during your stay abroad, what will you do to meet sudden medical expenses? Money that you have will be just right to pay for food, accommodation and student fees. You can also face some other problem during your stay. What can you do to cope? You need to buy student travel insurance.

Why Does A Student Need Travel Insurance?

It offers protection against many unexpected situations that a student is likely to encounter. It pays for medical expenses and evacuation needed in the event of a medical emergency. If you have paid tuition fees in advance, you can get reimbursement from it. It pays for loss or delay of baggage, emergency dental treatments, lost tickets, passport and travelers cheques. Hence it comes to your aid like nothing else in the event of an emergency situation while traveling abroad.

It can be availed by students from age 18 to 40 who are travelling to a college or university in another country for getting a graduate or post-graduate degree. Travel insurance for students is available for a period of thirty days to two years and during this two year period, it can also be extended to four years.

How To File Claims For Compensation?

The abroad student travel insurance claims process is very quick. You have to contact the agency who undertakes offering compensation for students covered by travel insurance in the country where you are studying. You will be given a number that you can contract. Use the number to inform them that you have to make a claim and initiate the claims process. State the reason for your claim, which can be injury, loss of baggage or passport, emergencymedical evacuation etc. Money will be credited to your account in the shortest possible time so that you can meet your expenses.

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