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Advantages of Comparing Two Wheelers Insurance Online Before Purchase


Gone are the days where people had to go and buy an insurance policy from an insurance agent. Technology has ushered in a drastic change in almost all sectors, and one of them is the insurance sector. With just a click on your smartphone or any device, you can compare and buy insurance plans.

All About Two Wheeler Insurance

Two-wheeler insurance covers the two-wheeler like bike or scooter from unforeseen events like accident, natural disaster, theft, etc. Third-party liabilities are also covered under two-wheeler insurance. There are various kinds of two-wheeler insurance policies like a comprehensive policy that covers all wear and tear to the vehicle and a liability-only policy that covers injuries caused due to a third party.

Benefits of Comparing Two Wheelers Insurance Online Before Purchase

  • Accuracy Guaranteed: When buyers compare two wheeler insurance online, they can easily access different plans available in the market. A comparison is made based on the utility or the purpose to be served. It saves time as buyers don't have to go to any agents, and there is no risk of biased information.
  • Pocket-Friendly - When a customer compares different policies according to his/her requirement, he reads and gathers information. On concluding to buy a policy, the customer doesn't need to pay any brokerage fees to the agents, which proves to be cost-saving for customers.
  • Know About Different Add-Ons: As insurance policies provide add-on features that act as an additional layer to protect from unforeseen changes. When buyers compare two wheeler insurance policies online, it gives a clear idea about add-ons that they considered necessary as per their lifestyle. Add-ons and discounts can be availed under different sets of circumstances and it pays to know when and what you are liable to avail.
  • Compare Discounts: Many insurance companies promise discounts on specific policies, comparing online one can understand which discounts are genuinely reliable and then make a perfect choice.
  • Get A Clear Idea About Coverage: The same policy sold by two different insurance companies may have disparate coverage of expenses. On comparing different companies and policies, online buyers have an explicit knowledge about the premium to be paid and coverage that is included.
  • Transparency: The online process of comparing insurance is a transparent process as there are no middlemen involved. Buyers themselves can compare and decide which policy suits them the most. This helps the buyers to have a clear picture of different aspects of the policy and connects them directly with the insurance company.
  • Saves Time: Buyers can compare insurance plans and policies online anytime and anywhere, which saves time as they don’t have to go and meet different agents physically.
  • Makes Customization Easy: Comparing plans online gives a clear idea of coverage plans. The customization becomes simple when buyers know what plan they require and the amount of coverage they are willing to spend, as well as the insurance companies that offer exactly what they are looking for.


With increasing internet usage, comparing insurance policies online has become too easy. The main reason behind comparing plans online is to have accurate knowledge of policies before investing.


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