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Advantages & Disadvantages of buying travel insurance


Most people believe, “I am wasting my money, will I ever actually use my travel insurance ?” or “What if my claim isn't accepted in the end?"

No man would choose to go white water rafting without a life vest and a helmet – traveling without insurance is equivalent to leaping into the Ganga’s rapids without any protective gear, would you risk it? Fact is, the best travel insurance gives you peace of mind, frees you up to relax and not worry about the kids, you can merely bask in the happiness of travel.

Today we shall explore the Pros and Cons of buying travel Insurance:

  1. Traditional travel insurance may not cover pre-medical conditions
    Chronic diseases are considered pre-conditions; these include but are not limited to Cancer, epilepsy, heart disease or diabetes. If you have any such illness, you are obligated to mention it to your insurance providers as you will need a unique plan which may require an extra premium

  2. Medical Bills escalate quickly
    Buying medication might be the least of your worries when it comes to medical expenses; it’s the hospital visits and emergency admissions that burn a hole in your pocket. Suppose a venomous snake bit you and you to start puffing up – rushing to the ER(emergency room) is your only choice.

    Ensure your insurance policy and medical coverage includes all types of medical urgencies

  3. Insurance Loopholes
    Even the best travel insurance providers shall not mention certain things – suppose you are climbing up a hill to visit an ancient temple and your rucksack hits a tree branch plunging you down the hillside; your coverage will not reimburse your medical costs. The reason is falling from a certain height is considered extreme sports and adventures as such are not included in traditional insurance policies.

  4. You didn’t end up using your travel insurance
    Imagine you had no unanticipated expenses or unfortunate accidents on your trip, chances are you will return home thinking, “What did I waste all that money on insurance when I could’ve spent it on my vacation!” Some people prefer to travel without insurance and think it’s worth risking the loss of baggage and poor health. The truth is in case of any accidents you’d end up paying more than double the amount an insurance policy would have cost.

  1. Annual travel Insurance plan
    If you plan to make multiple international trips within a year, instead of buying a different policy per trip, this is the best option for you.

  2. Travel insurance includes health coverage
    Suppose you are in Koh Samui, Thailand feasting on freshly caught octopus, gorging yourself on shellfish and you sense a bad case of gastroenteritis coming on landing you in hospital. Your regular insurance may not cover you because it is out of their network; this is where travel insurance steps in and have your back and will help cover treatment costs.

  3. Vehicle rental protection
    Renting a car and driver gives you the freedom to sit back and be treated like royalty on your vacation. While rental companies have their insurance it is usually limited in coverage – travel insurance will take over coverage for anything extra!

  4. Cancel for Any Reason benefits
    Trip Cancellation Insurance is any situation that forces a traveler to cancel their trip for some unavoidable reasons. Your insurance policy will cover you in case you are unexpectedly fired, or there’s a death in the family.

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