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6 Travel Insurance Questions Every Traveller Should Ask

6 Travel Insurance Questions Every Traveller Should Ask

As a traveller there would be many questions that cross your mind, from the details about the travel destination to your safety while you are on the trip. To find answers to a few of the frequently asked questions, read on.

  • Why Do I Need Separate Travel Insurance, If I Already Have A Health Insurance?

Most travel insurance policies are created with the aim to cover you when you travel to foreign locations. Your health insurance won’t necessarily cover you for any emergencies in a different city, state or country. The best way to figure this is to ask your financial advisor or read the fine print in your insurance policy. If you are covered for emergencies while travelling, then you don’t need to worry about getting travel insurance. However, the benefits of travel insurance are many and stand unique when compared to any other insurance

  • What About a Pre-Condition I’m Suffering From?

Usually travel insurance plans don’t cover the treatment for pre-existing health conditions like chronic lung disease or joint disorders; however, you can pay an amount to waive off that exclusion. For this you need to buy the travel insurance as soon as you have booked your trip. You have to take the right precautions and insure the entire cost of the trip.

  • When Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

If you are a frequent traveller, then it is recommended to buy annual travel insurance. However, if you travel occasionally, then as soon as you book your trip, you should get travel insurance. You can start your research in advance, to speed up the buying process later.

  • Which travel insurance company should I choose?

Once you have decided to get travel insurance, you need to research the market for a plan that suits your needs. When buying travel insurance, consider the services offered, covers provided and all of this at what premium cost. Compare the policies before making your decision. You need to buy travel insurance from a reputed company, one that you can rely on in times of need. Check the claims record and credibility of the travel insurance company, before you make your decision. Also check if the customer help is prompt. This comes in handy at crucial times.

  • How do I buy travel insurance?

Gone are the days when you would have to stand in a queue to get yourself insured. Today, with a single click of a button, you can browse through many travel insurance policies, before you make your decision. There are places where you can get online quotes, compare and also buy travel insurance online. Even if you carry an email of the policy document along with a valid proof of identity, you will be well protected.

  • What happens if I fall ill or die?

Emergencies cannot be predicted, this is exactly why you always have to be prepared in advance. If you fall ill while travelling, your travel insurance will pay for your medical needs. In the unfortunate event of a death, your travel insurance also covers the expenses that retrieve your body and transports it safely back home. Yes, it is a scary thought, but being prepared will save your loved ones from going through a lot of hassle in your absence. Hope these answers give you clarity and shed some light on the importance of buying travel insurance.

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