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6 Best Tips to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy


When we think about weight loss, we think rigorous dieting and sometimes even about starvation! But, weight loss doesn’t mean resorting to crash diets. because ultimately, all these shortcuts just lead to weakness!

People consider Indian cuisine to be calorie-laden food. Sometimes, it’s alright to consume rich sweets and spicy food. But most of the times it should be avoided. We can make better choices because there are many healthy food options even in a typical Indian diet. Think about it.

Not keeping a tab on your diet doesn’t just lead to obesity but can also make you feel lethargic. Why do you want ailments such as diabetes and other health issues to victimize you?

These simple and effective diet tips will help you burn out those extra calories.

  1. Choose smart snacks

In between meals, you’d always want to satisfy a food craving. However, you need to avoid risking a junk-food binge. It makes no sense to have a healthy diet all day and then feast on fried food.

The best you can do is pack on healthy snacks that are filled with proteins and fewer carbs.

  1. Prioritize whole foods

Try to avoid packaged and processed food. Opt for whole foods instead. When planning meals, refrain from eatables that have too many preservatives and salt. Sodium causes water retention in the body that can lead to ailments such as kidney failure.

Fill up on fresh veggies, whole grains, corn meal, and lean protein.

  1. Don’t skip breakfast

You’ve probably heard this one a dozen times before. Skipping breakfast is the worst solution if you’re dieting. Your breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day. It provides you with energy to sustain throughout the day. Missing breakfast can increase hunger pangs and you’d end up consuming a larger meal during lunch.

Egg whites and whole wheat toasted bread can not only boost your taste buds but also energize you while restricting your calorie intake.

  1. Load up on fruits

Fruits contain water. No fats. It keeps you full while consuming fewer calories. And when it’s fruit carbs, you can count on them as good carbs as they contain a lot of healthy fibre.

  1. Cut down on coffee and booze

A glass of wine is loaded with hundreds of calories. You may think it’s putting your mind at ease. . But truth is that it’s harming your liver while increasing your body fat. Soda, juice, tea, coffee and other alcoholic beverages if consumed during the day can increase your calorie count by night.

And the worst part is you’d still be left feeling hungry.

  1. Drink adequate water

Water is your life-saver isn’t it? It actually is! Because here it helps in the process of removing excess sodium from your body. But remember, water doesn’t necessarily have to be H20. It can also be consumed in the form of high water content foods.

Cucumbers, tomatoes, grapes, cranberries, pineapples, watermelons contain fructose, high water content and are rich in fibre.

Things to support your diet plan

Your diet would be as good as useless without the right support.

  • Adequate sleep

Sleeping 30 minutes earlier and waking up 30 minutes later can help you in stabilizing your metabolism. You would have less fatigue and stress.

  • Regular exercise

A few push ups, lunges, and squats will build and maintain your muscle mass. With more muscle, you can increase your metabolism rate and thus burn calories.

Always remember…

It’s good to stay healthy and take care of your diet. But, as medical crisis occur without a warning, it’s good to stay financially prepared for the worst.

That’s why you can trust Bharti AXA General Insurance to provide you with a suitable health insurance plan that provides adequate coverage to battle medical contingencies.

You may be hale and hearty today. But you can’t assure if you’d stay the same tomorrow?

That’s why you should plan a fit life with the right diet, exercise, and a health insurance plan.


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