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6 Tips for Buying a Two-Wheeler in India


6 Tips for Buying a Two-Wheeler in India

When it comes to the commuting in a city, there’s nothing more convenient than a two-wheeler. In a situation where you need to save time and money, a bike offers a common solution. You can easily squeeze through bumper-to-bumper traffic and reach your destination on time. You also save on the cost of fuel as bikes are more fuel-efficient.

Buying a two-wheeler can be confusing, especially, when you have several brands offering numerous models. It is an investment that will reap benefits for years to come. You must be careful while deciding on which bike to buy.

We discuss some important points you should keep in mind before buying a two-wheeler.

1. Decide whether you want to buy a scooter or a bike.

The basic difference between a scooter and bike is the absence of gears in the former. Scooters offer great manoeuvrability without changing the gears. Apart from easy handling, they offer better storage space, easy riding and are available at lower costs.

On the other hand, a bike offers more control and stability while cruising as wells as on city roads. Most people prefer the power of a bike engine while travelling long distances.

2. Determine your budget

You have a range of bikes to choose from, depending on your budget. Most two-wheelers cost anywhere around INR 45,000 to 60,000. India is also an emerging market for high-end motor brands. You can opt for a range of bikes right from cruisers to sports bikes, depending on your taste and preferences.

3.Consider the fuel-efficiency of the bike.

You must check a vehicle’s fuel efficiency before purchasing it.  A good mileage can certainly bring down daily expenses. A vehicle’s mileage is calculated by the average distance it can cover by consuming 1 litre of fuel. Keep in mind that there is a difference in fuel efficiency of a vehicle driven in the city and on highways.

4.Check reviews from users

You can’t be sure of a bike’s performance before purchase. However, you can search for reviews on the bike by users who have used th bike you are looking to purchase for a given period of time. You will get information on engine performance, fuel-efficiency, on-road performance, maintenance issues etc. You can also compare reviews of various two-wheelers before deciding which one to buy.

5.Maintenance Cost and the availability of service centres

A bike is made up of several parts and components that must be maintained in a good condition. The two-wheeler must be serviced from time to time to maintain its performance.

Before buying a two-wheeler, ensure that the bike components are available easily at a service centre near you. This will keep your bike running like new without the additional waiting period and expensive repairs.

6.Buy two-wheeler insurance and health insurance

Insurance is a must to protect your bike against expenses incurred for servicing and maintenance. Also, in case of an accident, you can rely on the insurance policy to take care of repair costs.

Similarly, health insurance is mandatory for all individuals possessing a motor vehicle. You can buy health insurance policies easily online.

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