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6 Tips For Buying A Two-Wheeler In India


A two-wheeler is such a convenience for commuting on our congested and narrow roads and bumper-to-bumper traffic that many who own a car still decide to buy a two-wheeler. Whether it is a backup option or your primary means of transport, owning a two-wheeler makes life a lot more manageable as it gets you from point A to point B in a swift, cost-effective and convenient manner. Plus the big advantage of parking a two-wheeler over a bigger vehicle. As per industry estimates some 21 million two-wheelers were sold in India in 2019.

It can be hard to decide, since there are so many two-wheelers in the market to entice you with the latest design, model, colour options and of course the price tag.

To help you decide which two-wheeler is right for you, we have 6 tips to guide you for purchasing a two-wheeler.

1. Know Whether You Want A Scooter Or Bike

Both have pros and cons. You need to know the main features and advantages of a scooter and a bike so as to make an informed purchase decision.

Scooters, whether petrol or electric offer great handling and ease of riding since most are gearless, saving you the hassle of changing gears in traffic. Apart from easy handling and a comfortable riding position, scooters also offer better storage space and cost less than motorcycles. Hence they are perfectly suited for city driving by any family member.

A bike is a more robust machine that will give you more power, better vehicle control because of the gearbox and greater overall stability.

2. Fix A Budget

From budget to mid-range and high-end machines, two-wheelers are available to suit a range of preferences and wallets. Budget permitting, you can even opt for an electric scooter as more models are being introduced. Deciding your budget will automatically narrow your choices, making it easier to pick the most suitable option. Your budget should cover the amount you can self-finance, EMI over a typical 1-3 year loan tenure (in case of a loan), insurance cost and the fuel and maintenance expenses for however long you plan to keep the two-wheeler.

3. Consider Fuel-Efficiency

You should check the claimed fuel efficiency of the two-wheeler before purchasing it. A good mileage can certainly bring down daily expenses of owning a two-wheeler. A vehicle’s mileage is calculated by the average distance it can cover by consuming 1 litre of fuel. Keep in mind that there is a difference in fuel efficiency of a vehicle driven in the city and on highways. For electric bikes and scooters check the range i.e. kilometers covered on a single charge.

4. Do Some Research

Read online user reviews and talk to relevant people to find out more about the two-wheeler you plan to purchase or even the options you may have shortlisted.. You will get information on engine performance, fuel-efficiency, on-road performance, maintenance issues etc. You can also compare specifications and features of various two-wheelers online before deciding which one to buy.

5. Check Maintenance Cost and Availability Of Service Centres

The several parts and components of a two-wheeler require regular maintenance to keep it performing in optimal condition. Before buying a two-wheeler, ensure that the components are available easily, reasonably priced and there is a good all-India service network including a service centre near you.

6. Buy Two-Wheeler Insurance

The last but an important tip when buying a two-wheeler, is to ensure that you protect it with two-wheeler insurance. Two-wheeler insurance will safeguard you from expenses incurred during servicing, repairs and part replacement. It will cover financial losses in case your bike gets damaged in an accident, causes third party loss or damage or even gets stolen. Two-wheeler insurance is also a legal mandatory for everyone owning and driving a two-wheeler on Indian roads.

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